Baystate Children's Hospital Patient, Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council aims to ensure the delivery of high quality, safe and positive memorable health care experiences for children and their families at Baystate Children's Hospital. The Family Advisory Council meets quarterly to brainstorm ideas and provide insight into changes that will improve service to children and families.

Northwestern Arctic Institute

The Northwest Arctic Institute, in Alaska, increases village capacity to promote wellness through primary prevention activities. It provides a critical launch point for selected community members to build supportive relationships, identify leadership skills, and create plans for supporting people in their villages. Considerable information is collected for program assessment and improvement.

Chapin Terrace Stormwater Management

The work is an exploration of adaptive retrofit infiltration systems along Chapin Terrace in Springfield, MA and reduces the impact of runoff on urban watersheds. This intervention represents a distinguishable aesthetic experience to raise acceptance, increase the spatial use, and make infiltration more desirable in urban environments. The interdisciplinary proposal was developed through collaboration with the regional Springfield Water and Sewer Commission (SWSC) with the intention of being a pilot project that could be implemented elsewhere in the city and region.

Diversity in Management Education Services

DiMES (Diversity in Management Education Services) was established in 1988 and aims to promote diversity within the Isenberg School community. The diversity program allows students to gain an edge by presenting a true image of today’s business profession and it works in collaboration with a variety of programs in Springfield as well as nationwide. Various resources are available to all students through DiMES. The Isenberg School works with the undergraduate office to offer academic advising and tutoring services to Isenberg School students.

Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

CEERE provides technological and economic solutions to environmental problems resulting from energy production, industrial, manufacturing, and commercial activities, and land use practices. This University based research program is built upon four sub groups with unique abilities to service energy and environmental problems. CEERE offers research, training and educational experiences for graduate and undergraduate engineers and scientists.