Business & Economic Development

UMass Libraries' Outreach to local Community Development Corporations

Citizens interested in new business startups and living in the regions served by the Franklin County Community Development Corporation (CDC) and the Hilltown CDC may take free classes offered by their CDCs. Many of the participants are low-income residents of Western Massachusetts. UMass Librarian Mike Davis visits these classes and advises students. Classes learn about UMass Library resources and state-licensed databases.

Patent Searching

Anyone from the community may work with UMass Libraries specialist, Paulina Borrego to search for patents.

Small Business Startup Class - Franklin County CDC

The UMass Libraries provides biannual instructional sessions for small business start-ups in Franklin County, Massachusetts through the Franklin County Community Development Corporation. Franklin County residents interested in starting a business are instructed on how to access and utilize UMass Library business resources. Individual startup counseling sessions are also provided.

Clean Energy Forum

Professor Boyce spoke on a panel organized by Environment America, along with a state senator, a local clean-energy entrepreneur, and the director of Environment America's energy program.

Movable Feast

Movable Feast is a socially engaged art and food project to promote “Food System Change,” and a literal and metaphoric vehicle that advocates for building a healthier regional food system. The project provides a visual and culinary catalyst for discussing, highlighting and disseminating information about healthy community-based food practices in Western Massachusetts’ diverse communities. The retrofitted mobile food service trailer at the center of this project is an advocacy tool for healthy eating, local food production and sustainability.

Sustainable Knowledge Corridor Civic Engagement

This civic engagement project supports a regional planning effort—the “Sustainable Knowledge Corridor Project”—which aims to create a foundation of opportunity in housing, education, transportation, employment, health, environment and community resources throughout Hampden and Hampshire counties. Inclusive public involvement is an important part of this project, with a focus on engaging under-represented communities in discussions about the opportunities and obstacles to create an equitable and sustainable future for their cities, towns and neighborhoods.

Zube Series - Spring 2013

The Zube lecture series is named for Ervin Zube, former head of LARP from 1974 to 1980. Professor Zube is internationally known for his leadership in developing a culture of academic research in the profession of landscape architecture. His research made numerous seminal contributions to landscape planning theory and practice.****

Corporate Toxics Information Project

The Corporate Toxics Information Project analyzes and disseminates information from the US Environmental Protection Agency on corporate releases of toxic chemicals and the resulting exposures of communities to air and water pollution hazards. The Project aims to help community-based activists and socially responsible investors to translate the right to know into the right to clean air and water.

UMass Poll

The UMass Poll is committed to studying public opinion in Massachusetts and the United States to inform policymaking in the Commonwealth and beyond. Based in the Department of Political Science, the UMass Poll combines cutting edge Internet polling technology with leading expertise in political science. The result of this merger is accurate, cost-efficient, and swift survey results on the issues most important to Massachusetts residents.

Massachusetts Pesticide Analysis Laboratory

The Massachusetts Pesticide Analysis Laboratory (MPAL) provides analytical services and scientific expertise for the regulation and enforcement of pesticide use in Massachusetts. MPAL is able to analyze most commonly used pesticides including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and in many cases, their metabolites. Its analytical staff have immediate access to the most up-to-date methodologies and equipment, as well as to other chemists, biologists, toxicologists, and scientists with related expertise. MPAL is able to accept samples from the public on a fee for service basis.

Equine Reproductive Services

Equine Reproductive Services offers advanced assisted reproductive techniques to horse breeders seeking maximization of the reproductive potential of fertile horses or restoration of fertility for subfertile and infertile horses in New England. Its global objective is to have this program be known as a source of advanced and modern reproductive techniques by the New England horse industry.

All Things Local

A community based effort to create new cooperative stores for food and craft products.

Massachusett's State FFA Horse Judging Career Development Event

At this Future Farmers of America (FFA) event, participants evaluate and rank horses on breed characteristics, conformation, and performance. Team members cooperatively complete problems related to equine selection, management, nutrition and production.

InterNano Nanomanufacturing Library

InterNano supports the information needs of the nanomanufacturing community, a national audience including government works and industry. They pursue this mission by creating, collecting, and disseminating relevant and timely resources, employing appropriate and current web technologies so users can both contribute and extract information. InterNano works cooperatively with complementary informatics initiatives to facilitate data sharing among groups engaged with aspects of nanotechnology.

University of Massachusetts Cooperative Economies Collaborative

This group brings UMass faculty, graduate students and undergraduates together with members of the local community involved in cooperative business development, including representatives of the Valley Alliance of Worker Businesses. It organizes community events, offers input into curriculum development, and facilitates a summer internship and certificate program run by the Department of Economics--the Applied Economic Research on Cooperative Enterprise Certificate Program.

Men of Color Health Awareness

MOCHA is an innovative health movement in Springfield, Massachusetts which seeks to reduce severe health disparities in the city by creating health-conscious norms and diffusing them through men of color’s personal and social networks.

UMass Family Business Center

The UMass Family Business Center, a program in UMass Amherst Continuing & Professional Education, serves as a practical and inspirational resource for family and closely held businesses. Ongoing participation benefits family companies of every size and industry throughout Western Massachusetts and beyond. Since 1994, our learning community of business owning families has helped themselves and one another transition peaceably, govern wisely, communicate clearly, risk and reward appropriately, mediate resolutely, and strategize thoughtfully.

Springfield GIS Project

The Springfield GIS Project mapped census data in the Springfield MSA to show population characteristics (e.g., family composition, poverty rates, employment levels) across the city and trends over time. The information is now being used to support analysis and decision making to advance the goals of the Wellspring Collaborative, and also to develop presentations to project stakeholders and other groups interested in economic development in the city of Springfield.

Wellspring Collaborative

Representing an innovative public-private partnership that includes UMass Amherst, Baystate Health, and other Springfield partners, Wellspring is developing green, worker-owned businesses that supply the needs of area anchor institutions such as hospitals and colleges. New entry-level jobs will pay a living wage and enable low-income Springfield residents to accumulate wealth that supports their move into the middle class. The first business, an upholstery coop, is scheduled to begin operations in 2013.

The Translation Center

The Translation Center was designed to help individuals, businesses, hospitals, schools, and social service agencies in the Commonwealth and the United States with all their translation, interpreting, and cross-cultural communication needs. It is (1) a business center, providing a full range of translation and interpreting services, and (2) an academic center, providing a place for research and business-based training in a variety of fields, including business, law, medicine, communication, and the arts.

Center for e-Design

The Center for e-Design is a joint research coalition comprised of eight universities working closely with numerous businesses and government organizations. The coalition was established to create new design paradigms and electronic design tools that will assist in generating high quality products and systems at a reduced cost while also reducing the time associated with designing complex engineered products and systems.

Leadership Pioneer Valley

LPV is a regional community leadership program for mid-career professionals from non-profit, public, and private sector organizations throughout Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire counties. In this year-long monthly program participants spend the day either in leadership development programming or community orientation/network development. Field experiences bring the group to sites within a specified sub-region to meet with community leaders. UMass has been actively involved on the Steering Committee, Curriculum Committee, and Marketing Committee.