Public Engagement Project

The Public Engagement Project supports and trains faculty members to use their research to contribute to social change, inform public policy, and enrich public debate. Scholars learn new skills from experts and from each other to improve their communication and engagement with the media, community groups, policymakers, and practitioners. PEP also helps faculty members build their own networks of institutions and individuals who can apply their research findings, and it helps create institutional spaces for communication between academics and non-academics who do applied work in common areas of expertise.

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Program identifies community participants.

Program Start (and End Dates): 

September 1, 2007


United States

Program Director: 

M.V. Lee Badgett/Naomi Gerstel/Amy Schalet/Linda Tropp

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Wendy Varner

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College of Natural Sciences
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
School of Public Health and Health Sciences

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