Innovate to Mitigate: A Crowdsourced Carbon Challenge

"Innovate to Mitigate: A Crowdsourced Carbon Challenge"-- directed by Dr. Gilly Puttick of TERC, a non-profit educational organization-- is a crowdsourced open innovation challenge for high school students to come up with creative solutions for mitigation of climate change. Crowdsourcing promises a novel approach to engaging students in science while addressing a significant societal challenge. Dr. Leschine’s role is to serve as an adviser, assist in the design of the challenge, and select resources that will be necessary to support the work of high school student participants.
Begin / End Date:
Sunday, September 1, 2013 to Monday, August 31, 2015
Assessment Mechanism:
Program Director:
Program Contact:
College of Natural Sciences/Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Partner Map

  • TERC
    2067 Massachusetts Avenue
    Cambridge, MA 02140
    United States