Higher Education Project

HEP (Higher Education Project)
The Higher Education Project (HEP) is part of a long term program undertaking the challenge of building and strengthening the national quality system of higher education throughout Afghanistan. With the USAIDs’ support and managed by the UMass Center for International Education (CIE), HEP has been able to implement solutions to rehabilitate and develop Afghanistan’s education system. A $23 million award in February 2014 allows the CIE to continue its work and includes objectives such as technical assistance to the Ministry of Higher Education to implement a National Higher Education Strategic Plan and the development of two-year Associate Degree programs. HEP has worked with 18 higher education institutions in 17 provinces to develop master’s and associate degree programs, as well as strengthen bachelor degree programs.
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Sunday, January 1, 2006
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College of Education/Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies/Center for International Education

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