Computer-Based Math Tutor

A computer-based, emotionally perceptive math tutoring software system has been developed by UMass Amherst computer scientists and colleagues to help improve standardized test scores such as the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). After extensive analysis and studies on gender relations with math done with elementary aged children in Holyoke, MA and Springfield, MA schools and elsewhere, the software was written to offer emotional support, found to be appreciated more by girls than boys who are less affected by it. The program virtually assigns an individual aide to each student and uses a camera to detect a students’ emotion. It then encourages students based upon their emotions and helps them with any problems that occur during a math session. The program helps many students feel better about their math skills and helps them grasp the concepts being presented to them. Low achievement and special needs students have also benefited from this software.

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Program identifies community participants.

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March 10, 2010


United States

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Beverly Woolf

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Ivon Arroyo

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College of Information and Computer Sciences

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