Commonwealth Information Technology Initiative

CITI - the Commonwealth's Information Technology Initiative - is a public/private partnership to promote IT education through strategic investments that prepares graduates to participate, lead and innovate in the knowledge-based economy of Massachusetts. Launched in 2000, CITI brings together K-12, community colleges, public universities and industry to promote IT education across the curriculum and respond to technology workforce needs.

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Program identifies community participants.

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August 1, 2000


Annamaria Schrimpf
Winchester Public Schools
Winchester, MA 01890
United States
James Caradonio
Worcester Public Schools
Worcester, MA 01605
United States
Gisell Zangari
Boston University Academy
Boston, MA 02215
United States
Mary Forte Hayes
Massachusetts ASCD
Mendon, MA 01756
United States
Robert Richard
Pembroke Public Schools
Pembroke, MA 02359
United States

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Rick Adrion

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Rick Adrion

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College of Natural Sciences/Computer Science

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