Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

CEERE (Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy)
CEERE provides technological and economic solutions to environmental problems resulting from energy production, industrial, manufacturing, and commercial activities, and land use practices. This University based research program is built upon four sub groups with unique abilities to service energy and environmental problems. CEERE offers research, training and educational experiences for graduate and undergraduate engineers and scientists. CEERE at UMass, with the support of the Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources (DOER) and US DOE, has developed a strategic partnership with Massachusetts electric utilities under the commercial and Industrial energy conservation program. Programs offered through MAEEP are coordinated with the major electric and gas utilities in the state: National Grid (NGRID), NSTAR Electric and Gas Company, Western Massachusetts Electric Company WMECO (a Northeast Utilities subsidiary) and KeySpan Energy Delivery (KeySpan).
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Thursday, August 1, 2002
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College of Engineering/Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

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