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Past Events & Programs

Fall 2009

Wild About Wilder
Thursday, September 17
Time: 12:00-2:00 PM

Come and visit us at 202 Wilder Hall. Explore the different programs housed at Wilder. Free food and gifts!

Who Does She Think She Is?
Wednesday, September 30
Location: Augusta Savage Art Gallery
Time: 7:00 PM

A riveting documentary by Academy Award-winning producer Pamela Tanner Boll (Born Into Brothels), features five bold women who navigate some of the most problematic intersections of our time: parenting and creativity, partnering and independence, economics and art. Through their lives Tanner Boll explores what it means to nurture children and family, and keep the creative fire burning within.
Join WOCLN and the Everywoman’s Center for the film screening and a discussion on women in the arts.

Body Politics 09 - Abbreviated Performances at the Five Colleges
Did you miss the outstanding performance of Body Politics 09 and wish to get another chance to watch it? You can go to one of the other four colleges in the Five College system and watch an abbreviated version!

Here are the various dates and locations:

Thursday, October 1
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Hampshire College - Franklin Patterson Hall, Main Lecture Hall

Thursday, October 8
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Smith College

Thursday, October 15
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Amherst College

Thursday, October 22
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Mount Holyoke College, Chapin Auditorium

Tap Into Your Network: A Gathering for Women of Color
Monday, October 5
Location: Malcolm X Cultural Center
Time: 7:00 PM

Join us to welcome in new women to our community, including our new staff members! Mix and mingle with all of those beautiful women you haven't connected with since May. Watch excerpts from Body Politics 2009, fill out an application for BP 2010! Light refreshments will be served. RSVPs are appreciated!

Social Hour
October 7, November 4 and December 2
Location: 202 Wilder Hall
Time: 12:00 - 2:00 PM

Bring your lunch and come spend an hour or two socializing with other women of color. Take a break from your hectic schedule! Bring a friend and relax at our office! Come find support and good conversation! Drinks and snacks are on us!

Dorm Dialogue Series
Time: 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Dates and Locations:
September 23 at Crabtree/Mary Lyon/Knowlton
November 9 at Kennedy
December 7 at Cance
December 9 at John Adams

A HOOK-UP CULTURE: A turn on or a turn off?

Does "hooking up" turn you off or on?
What is it about the college scene that fosters a hook up culture?
What makes establishing a relationship worth pursuing?

Come explore these questions and more! We at the Women of Color Leadership Network (WOCLN) in collaboration with Residence Life are leading dorm dialogues all over campus on the theme of college dating. WOCLN trained and talented undergraduate staff will facilitate these peer to peer dialogues.

If you want Dorm Dialogue to come to your residence hall, contact WOCLN to arrange for a program.

Women and Cancer in Our Community: How to Save Your Own Life
Tuesday, October 20
Location: Campus Center - 905-09
Time: 4:00 PM

Have you or your loved ones faced the threat of cancer before? Come and listen to a panel of experts discuss the various factors causing cancer, and give tips on detection and prevention. Discussion hosted by EWC, WOCLN and UHS. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death for women. Our panel will be able to give you tips on prevention, as well as discuss the challenges of living with cancer in your own community. Everyone is welcome!

Who's Your Mama?
Friday, November 13
Location: Food For Thought Books
Time: 7:00 PM

Are you a Mama? Ever thought about becoming one? Come meet some of the contributors to Yvonne Bynoe’s newest anthology that centers on the perspectives of women from all cross-sections of society (including single and/or childless). Featuring JLove Calderon, Marcella Runell Hall, Marla Teyolia and local community mamaz! This is an event that will leave you feeling energized and ready to birth your visions!

An Evening of Poetry
Wednesday, December 2
Location: 202 Wilder Hall
Time: 7:00 PM

Need a break from life? Come spend the evening discussing your favorite poem with your community. Sit back, relax and listen to words of wisdom. What could be better than spending a winter evening sipping a warm beverage and enjoying the company of other women of color who are readers, writers and poetry lovers?

Spring 2009

“Social Hour”
February 4, March 4, April 1, and May 6
Location: 202 Wilder Hall
Time: 12:00-2:00 PM

Bring your lunch and come spend an hour or two socializing with other women of color. Take a break from your hectic schedule! Bring a friend and relax at our office! Come find support and good conversation! Drinks and snacks are on us!

“Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North”
February 4
Location: Bartlett 65
Time: 7:00 PM

A conversation with filmmaker and family member Katrina Browne; and family member Holly Fulton and her husband, William Peebles, follows the screening of this powerful and deeply personal story. Browne wrote, directed and produced the project, with co-director, editor and writer Alla Kovgan, and co-director and executive producer Jude Ray. Film website: www.tracesofthetrade.org.

See Events Calendar for more info.

“Where’s Love 101: Intimacy and Independence”
Tuesday, February 10
Location: Campus Center 904-08
Time: 7:00 PM

How can we balance our needs for independence when in an intimate relationship? What if your needs for intimacy and independence are different than your partner? Can you pursue your dreams…and still be in love?

The Women of Color Leadership Network, Everywoman’s Center, University Health Service and the Student Legal Services Office present the 3rd Annual WHERE’S LOVE 101? This year's topic will be independence and intimacy within a loving relationship.

This unique gathering will feature a diverse panel of couples who have been together for between 20 and 2 years, as well as experts who will address a broad range of issues related to how we stay together while maintaining our own identity and interests.

Topics will include:

  • Do you feel like you share a balance of needs for intimacy and independence with your partner? If not, how do we negotiate a healthy balance?
  • Have you been able to maintain close and independent friendships?
  • Do you feel that being in a relationship required restrictions on the pursuit of individual interests?
  • Have you and your partner evolved new and mutual interests that you can share?

And much more, as well as an opportunity for questions and discussions.
Come with your partner, friend, or by yourself! With refreshments and door prizes, this promises to be a lively, informative and fun evening!

“Rantfest and Open Mic with JLove”
Rant Workshop and Open Mic with reception featuring:
JLove Calderon and We Got Issues!
Saturday, February 21
Location: Food for Thought Books, Amherst
Time: 7:00 PM

We'll be kicking off the evening with a Rant workshop. The Rant workshop will be a space for participants to work on a writing piece that expresses their voices! Facilitated by Adeeba Rana and JLove Calderon, participants will get a chance to experience the unique We Got Issues! Institute ranting/writing style. Following the workshop participants and community members will be welcome to share their stuff in an open mic hosted by Kibibi Dillon member of the We Got Issues! Institute. Are you a writer or performance artist? Come flaunt your stuff with some of the best! This will be a fun filled evening with some of our fiercest sisters!

This event is co-sponsored by The Women of Color Leadership Network, The Everywoman's Center, The UMass Graduate School and Video Vanguards/ Youth Action Coalition.

JLove Calderon is an author, educator, and activist who is dedicated to the struggle for human rights, the positive proliferation of youth and Hip-Hop culture, and the liberation of all peoples bodies, minds, spirits and communities. She is co-producer of the We Got Issues! National Arts and Civic Engagement Tour, and the co-creator, facilitator, and life coach of the We Got Issues! Leadership Institute for Young Women, which works to ignite feminine centered leadership. She is the author of two books, We Got Issues! (Inner Ocean, 2006) and That White Girl (Atria, 2007). For more information about JLove Calderon please see: www.jennifercalderon.com.

Adeeba Afshan Rana defines herself as a 22 year old South Asian-American poetic activista with a lot on her mind. Her journey began in pre-school where she championed the other girls of the playground, a red crayon clutched in her raised fist. Today, she works diligently to cultivate the voices of her people. Adeeba has been hooked onto conversations of women and power, art and activism since taking the stage at the Apollo in 2004 as the winner of We Got Issues! hottest rant contest. She also works closely with many Social Justice groups, educating and inspiring young people to use their voices in action, protest, praise and power. She is currently at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst aspiring to be the next goddess of knowledge.

Kibibi Dillon is Co-Founder, Director and Developer of the Production Company LAUNCH World Wide (www.launchworldwide.com). In 2007 she directed Read, White and Blue by Jabrai Exum and Baye Harrell which premiered at the Hip-Hop Theater Festival in New York City and Washington DC. As an actor, Kibibi has performed on many stages from California to New York including the New York Comedy Club (nick) with the Adults Playground Improv. Troupe and Sketch crew Saturday Night Re-written at Juvie Hall (nyc). Kibibi is a current member of the We Got Issues! Institute.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information please call WOCLN at (413) 545-1671 or email us at: wocln@stuaf.umass.edu, or call Tanya Karakashian at 413-253-5432 or email tanya@foodforthoughtbooks.com

“Soul Cafe”
Sunday, February 22
Location: Malcolm X Cultural Center
Time: 6:00 PM

Join WOCLN, Residence Life, and the MXCC for a Sunday dinner tribute. This is a night of socializing, live performances, great food, free giveaways, and a celebration of Black History Month.

“We Begin Here: Poems for Palestine”
Saturday, April 4
Location: Food for Thought Books, Amherst
Time: 7:00 PM

“Open Mic for Body Politics”
Date TBA
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

Open mic night for the members of the 2009 Body Politics Show.

“Body Politics”
Thursday, April 16
Friday, April 17
Location: Bowker Auditorium
Time: 7:00 PM

The Women of Color Leadership Network, in collaboration with Asian American for Political Awareness (AAPA) present the award winning Body Politics; an original production.

Body Politics brings together a diverse group of women of color who work together to share their stories and their perspectives through storytelling, dance, creative writing and performance. The performance is a result of writing workshops with artist L’Kuicha Parks of the Jelupa Productions (www.jelupaproductions.org) and author and Social Justice activist Iris Jacob, who is a graduate student at the SJE Program at UMass. Iris also serves as the artistic director of the piece and has worked to shape and mold the creative work of the group. The performances will take place on April 16 & 17 at 7 PM in the Bowker Auditorium, UMass Amherst. This event is free and open to the public and the space is wheelchair accessible. For information about the Women of Color Leadership Network and how to get involved with Body Politics next fall, please call 413.545.1671.

Body Politics is made possible with support from the UMass Arts Council, the Student Affairs Cultural Enrichment Fund, the Commonwealth College, the Five College Multicultural Theater and AAPA.

Fall 2008

Wild About Wilder
September 11
Location: Wilder Hall
Time: 2-4 PM

Check out what’s happening at Wilder Hall. Connect with Bilingual Collegiate Program, Women of Color Leadership Network, Everywoman’s Center and Military Community Resource Center. Meet the staff, have a tour and enjoy munchies, freebies and music. We’re Wild About Wilder, find out why.

Social Hour
September 17, October 1, November 5, December 3
Location: 202 Wilder Hall
Time: 12-2 PM

Bring your lunch and come spend an hour or two socializing with other women of color. Take a break from your hectic schedule! Bring a friend and relax at our office! Come find support and good conversation! Drinks and snacks are on us!

Dorm Dialogue: Are You Registered?
Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

September 30, October 1, 7, 21 & 28
Location: Various Residence Halls around campus.

Check with Residence Life staff in your building to find out if we are coming to your hall, or to invite us to hold a discussion there!

The discussion aims at getting students to think about the importance of voting and how power has been and still is distributed unfairly in this country. What are the implications of our individual votes? Is there an excuse not to vote that legitimizes why people don’t vote?

Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well:

WOCLN introduces this series on health and fitness for the well-being of the mind, body and soul for Women of Color.

Healthy Eating and Personal Training
November 3
Location: YKCC Activity Room, Worcester DC basement
Time: 7 PM

Do you worry about the things you eat? Do you feel pressured or confused about the ideal body image?

Come join WOCLN and personal trainer, DW Walker as she gives the ups and downs and in and outs on healthy eating and fitness. During this workshop you will learn how to get back in touch with healthier eating patterns. DW will discuss how to be more comfortable with your body size without having societal pressures weighing down against you as a woman of color. This workshop offers tips on how to eat healthier and will include instruction on daily exercises you can do in your room if you can’t make it to the gym! Free and open to all women.

November 18
Location: 19th Floor Lounge, John Adams Hall
Time: 7 PM

Kick it up a notch with a fusion of Latin dances during this cardio workout. This fitness exercise is inspired be Cumbia, Salsa, Samba and Meringue. Personal Trainer DW Walker will lead the moves and mix it up. Get ready to work out to some Latin rhythms. Free and open to all women.

A Night of Yoga
December 2
Location: 19th Floor Lounge, John Adams Hall
Time: 7 PM

Have you always been interested in spiritual practices and techniques in the forms of breathing, posing, and meditating? This beginner’s workshop will engage in practicing the art of flexibility, relaxation, and, meditation. Yoga lets you tune in, chill out, shape up -- all at the same time! This workshop offers a spiritual awakening that will strengthen the mind, body, and spirit.

Spring 2008

Women of Color Leadership Circle
January 30; February 1; February 20; March 5 and April 2

The Leadership Circle brought together women of color student leaders and emerging leaders to engage in authentic dialogue relative to opportunities and challenges women of color face in college and in the workplace. Our purpose was to exchange ideas and share best practices to promote multicultural leadership. Because women of color student leaders take care of academics, leadership, and personal demands, strategies for self-care and creating balance were also shared.

Body Politics Writing Workshops
April 8

This workshop invited women of color, including youth, students and community women, to come together and share perspectives through storytelling, creative writing and performance. This event offered WOC who always wanted to be a part of Body Politics but never had the time or WOC who wanted to share their writing but were not ready to perform, a comfortable space to find their voice. A group of women gathered to find their voices and share their stories. The Women of Color Leadership Network presented a creative space where unity can thrive and voices can be heard.

The workshop was sponsored by Women of Color Leadership Network and Food for Thought Books.

Colorism & Black Women
May 16

The Everywoman's Center and the Women of Color Leadership Network collaborated on a workshop for participants to discuss colorism and its effect on women of African descent and their communities.

Open Mic Night
April 11

The open-mic featured readings from the Body Politics 2008 ensemble along with writings generated by workshop participants and community members. This event was co-sponsored with Food for Thought Books and Video Vanguards.

Dorm Dialogues
February 26, March 11, March 25

It’s Goin’ Down: How we party at UMass!
An outreach program to the UMass Amherst community facilitated by WOCLN student staff who discussed several social issues related to identity and the campus at large.

Uplifting Ourselves: Women of Color Gathering
March 4

A group of participants were able to listen to their sisters' stories about their experiences as women of color (WOC) at UMass Amherst. Participants also engaged in an interactive discussion to address their lives as women of color. Topics included: what you like most about being a woman of color (WOC) at UMass Amherst; what you want to see changed; and what responsibilities WOC have to other WOC on campus.

Targeted: Homeland Security and the Business of Immigration American Dream or American Nightmare?
March 2

America has always portrayed itself as a country of immigrants, welcoming each year the millions seeking a new home or refuge in this land of plenty. Increasingly, instead of finding their dream, many encounter a nightmare—a country whose culture and legal system aggressively target and prosecute them. Fernandes—herself an immigrant, is well-acquainted with U.S. immigration procedure and takes the reader on a harrowing journey inside the new American immigrant experience and the creation of an "Industrial Immigration Complex".

Deepa Fernandes, an award winning journalist and radio host, offered an update on the most recent developments around immigration policy and the way the immigration debate figures into this year’s presidential election. She also discussed her book Targeted. This new publication is the result of four years of research collecting narratives from immigrants as well as human rights groups, community organizers and lawyers who are challenging the Bush Administration's policies.

Fernandes is also co-director of the People’s Production House, a media justice organization based in New York City and Washington, DC. Her award winning radio features have aired on the BBC World Service, and Public Radio International. Her writings have appeared in the Village Voice, In These Times, and the New York Amsterdam News.

This event was sponsored by Women of Color Leadership Network, Everywoman’s Center, and Food for Thought Books.

Smashing the Beauty Box
February 27

Everyday women of all colors, sizes and ethnicities perpetuate non-inclusive body and beauty ideals that limit their possibilities. We need to confront the boxes in which we are placed by ourselves and others and instead create world views that are expansive and empowering for all women.

These topics were discussed during an evening with Rosie Molinary, author of Hijas Americanas: Beauty, Body Image, and Growing Up Latina.

This event was sponsored by: the Bilingual Collegiate Program, the EveryWoman's Center, The Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center, University Health Services Health Education, and the Women of Color Leadership Network.

Where’s Love 101
February 13

In "Where’s Love 101: Managing Conflict in Loving Relationships," long-term couples and experts shared insights on constructive disagreement, conflict resolution, apologies, communication skills and more.

Topics discussed included:

  • How to have constructive disagreements
  • How to speak up
  • Are constructive disagreements vital to the health of the relationship?
  • How we approach the resolution of conflict
  • Is our approach to conflict resolution influenced by our families of origin?
  • How to apologize when you know you've been wrong
  • What is the best way to clear the air and keep lines of communication open?
  • Can conflict be a manifestation of inappropriate control?
  • "Don't break the good dishes!"

The event was sponsored by the Women of Color Leadership Network, University Health Services, Everywoman's Center, the Stonewall Center, Student Legal Services and the Graduate Women's Network at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Social Hour
Wednesdays at 12:00 noon

Women of color from around campus were invited to connect with other women by coming to the Women of Color Leadership Network's social hour. WOCLN provided the opportunity for women to take a break from their hectic schedules, where they were invited to bring their lunches and friends to spend an hour or two having lunch and socializing with women of color where they could find support and good conversations. Snacks and drinks were provided.



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