WMWP Youth Writing Workshop 2017

February 1, 2017

Nearly one year ago, thanks to a wonderful community of generous supporters, creative teachers, and adventurous young writers, WMWP's Youth Writing Adventure 2016 saw many aspects of success. Some of the highlights include: 

~ 50 generous donors ~ $4000 raised ~ 130 students ~ 17 teachers  ~ 10 schools

Emerging VoicesStudents and teachers gathered in Bartlett Hall at the University of Massachusetts and participated in workshops spanning genres such as short stories, collaborative script writing, poetry inspired by injustice, description focused fiction, narratives for awareness & activism, and songwriting in response to learning. The experience continued after the event as students polished pieces for publication and later received their own paperback anthology of their writing. 

The program also received some positive press linked below:

http://Gazette News Article

http://Gazette News Editorial.


We hope to repeat and exceed these successes this March by hosting the WMWP Youth Writing Adventure 2017.

The program will again be hosted by the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, which is a professional development program for K-16 teachers supported by the UMass Department of English and College of Humanities and Fine Arts. The overarching goal is to cultivate community among schools, families, teachers, and students while focusing on the improvement and enjoyment of writing. Creative and exploratory literacy experiences such as these have lasting impacts. 

In order to make this all happen once again we are asking for your support. 

With your donation we will

  • Offer professional development for the program teachers
  • Create interactive workshop sessions and materials
  • Host up to 200 students from multiple schools, especially underserved urban and rural public schools
  • Guide students in their exploration and growth in multiple genres
  • Provide a full day college campus experience—including lunch—for the students
  • Follow up with teachers after the workshop to receive final drafts for publication
  • Design a multi-genre publication of students' writing
  • Distribute the publication to students and donors

Thank you for considering a gift to this project. Please visit this page and share it with your friends and colleagues!