The University of Massachusetts Amherst

WMWP Tech Tutorial: Google Classroom in the Time of Shutdowns

March 16, 2020

Hello WMWP colleagues

We all understand we are all now working and learning in stressful times and the WMWP wants to help you as best as we can, particularly if you are being asked to do remote  or distant learning by your school district. As a first step, WMWP Technology Team has put together some resources to make it easy for you to set up Google Classroom spaces for students.

Attached below is a PDF tutorial for doing so. If you want to explore and play in a WMWP Google Classroom space, you can enter by going to the WMWP Google Classroom and using the "join" code: 6wv2xii Members of the WMWP Technology Team will be adding resources and monitoring the space, offering help and one-on-one assistance as needed.

As we all move ahead through the days and weeks ahead, WMWP will work to provide more support and ideas for our teachers, here at this website space and in other social networking spaces.

We wish you well ... we're here with you, together.

- WMWP Leadership Team