Summer Leadership Institute

WMWP's annual Summer Leadership Institute brings together outstanding teachers who work with students in all academic content areas and at all grade levels, pre‑K through college. Supported by the WMWP facilitators and each other, these teachers spend three weeks immersed in writing, reading, and reflective inquiry.

During the following school year, they conduct action-research projects in their own classrooms and come together for three reunion meetings. At the end of this process, they become WMWP Teacher-Consultants. In this capacity they may provide professional development to schools for WMWP; present their research in local, regional, and national venues; and contribute to the ongoing growth of WMWP.

In this way, the Summer Leadership Institute represents the first leg in what thousands of National Writing Project teachers around the country have described as a career-transforming journey.

Co-Director of the Summer Leadership Institute: Chris Rea

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