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Get Involved!

WMWP offers many ways of being involved. 

Leadership Team Meetings: Seven times per year (September, October, December, January, March, May, and June) the Executive Board of WMWP holds Leadership Team meetings, open to all WMWP teacher-consultants.  The purposes of these open meetings are to review ongoing programs, plan future programs, and discuss issues of importance to teachers. Two Leadership Team meetings annually are devoted to discussion of our WMWP inquiry theme of the year.  TC’s who attend five or more meetings per year are eligible for 10 PDPs. Meetings are announced in advance via the WMWP listserv and are listed on the News and Events page. 

Teachers as Writers Contest: Submit one of your writings to our annual Teachers as Writers Contest. Click here for more information.  

iAnthology: Teachers Connecting through Writing and Learning: Join this virtual community of teachers to share your writing, read the work of others, and even share teaching ideas. Click here for to be directed to the site, or follow the link from the WMWP Community site. 

English Language Learners Network:
The ELL Network works toward ways WMWP can provide professional development for teachers of English language learners. The ELL Network aims to expand WMWP’s knowledge and support WMWP’s efforts to advocate for the educational needs of ELL students and to improve learning and the teaching of writing for all students.  For more information contact, Wilma Ortiz.

Digital Literacy and Technology Team: This group works together to find ways that technology can both support and expand the work of WMWP and helps to develop an understanding of how technology impacts the teaching and learning of writing.  This year, they’ll be working on a revision of our online presence.  For more information contact, Kevin Hodgson.

Summer Institute Inquiry Group: This group looks at ways of responding to evaluations of the previous year’s Summer Institute group, looks at ways to infuse the work and learning from our Project Outreach inquiry into the Summer Institute, and works to recruit a broad and diverse group of participants into the Summer Institute.  For more information contact, Alicia Lopez.

Youth Programs: This summer we offered three strands of our SummerWrite! program: a gaming writing camp at Smith Voc., a comic and graphic novel camp at Smith Voc., and a Digital Storytelling writing camp at the Springfield YMCA.  For more information contact Karen Diaz.

WMWP’s Newsletter: Twice a year, WMWP publishes a hard copy newsletter including updates on programming, announcements of upcoming events, articles and resources from teachers and more.  For more information contact the editor, Karen Miele.

Best Practice’s Fall Conference Committee: A committee of recent Summer Institute participants collaborates to design and implement the fall conference.  For more information contact Karen Diaz.

And there’s more!  Explore the WMWP website to see how you’d like to get involved.  See something missing that you’d like to help initiate, contact Director Bruce Penniman.