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Costs and Procedures

WMWP works directly with schools and/or districts to design and implement customized professional development programs to meet local needs. Formats include school professional development days, early release or late start days, after-school workshop series, classroom demonstrations and coaching, graduate courses (including DSAC-approved programs), summer institutes, and a variety of combinations, including hybrid online/face-to-face offerings.

Presentation fees include ongoing consultation, presenters’ preparation and travel time, and presentation materials:

- Half-day workshop (~3 hours): $600
- Full-day workshop (~7 hours): $1,200
- 15-hour workshop series: $2,500 (multiple sessions)
- 35-hour graduate course: $5,000
- Full-year partnership including workshops, classroom demonstrations, and consulting: $10,000-$20,000

The standard rate for professional development workshops is $200 per hour for first 3 hours, with a 3-hour minimum, and $150 for each additional hour. All rates are based on a 25-participant maximum. Larger groups can be accommodated at an additional $150 per hour.

Textbooks, if required, are the responsibility of the district. Graduate credit, if applicable, is available to participants at the reduced rate of $100 per credit, plus a registration fee.
The rate for other types of consulting (task force participation, curriculum writing, evaluation studies, etc.) is $75 per hour, including meetings, online support, writing and research time.

Mileage supplement:
- Beyond 25 miles from Amherst (or presenter’s base): $25/day
- Beyond 50 miles from Amherst (or presenter’s base): $50/day

To explore program options, please call or e-mail Professional Development Coordinator Jane Baer-Leighton, who will inquire about your needs, offer suggestions, and develop a proposal. She can be reached at 413-545-5466 or