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WMWP Leadership

WMWP’s leadership team has a new configuration this year as well as several new members.  To better match the leadership positions with the current needs of the site, the WMWP Executive Board voted in June to modify the responsibilities of the three existing co-director positions and to convert three coordinator roles to co-director positions.

Co-directors normally serve for three years, but the new appointees were assigned staggered terms to avoid having too many leaderships transitions at once.  The new positions, leaders, and terms are listed below.  All six co-directors lead teams of teacher-consultants.  If you would like to serve on a team, write

Co-Director for Programming: Karen Diaz (2017)

In this role, Karen will lead the planning for the annual Best Practices conference, spring conferences, and summer or school-year student writing programs.


Co-Director for Outreach: Karen Miele (2016)

Karen will be responsible for publishing the WMWP newsletter, coordinating the Daily Hampshire Gazette Chalktalk columns written by teacher-consultants, and other elements of WMWP’s public presence.


Co-Director for Continuity: Dani O’Brien (2015)

Assisted by Justin Eck, who will assume the role of Continuity co-director in 2015, Dani will lead efforts to keep teacher-consultants connected to WMWP, including social media postings and, possibly reunions and informal gatherings.


Co-Director for Summer Institute: Alicia Lopez (2017)

The Summer Institute is always facilitated by a team of teacher-consultants, but Alicia’s role is to guide planning for the institute throughout the year.


Co-Director for ELL Initiatives: Wilma Ortiz (2016)

Wilma will continue to lead a team of teacher-consultants with expertise in supporting ELLs, with particular emphasis on developing professional growth options for teachers.


Co-Director for Technology: Kevin Hodgson (2015 – renewable for another term)

Kevin and the tech team help WMWP integrate technology into WMWP programs and occasionally mount conferences focused on classroom uses of technology.

Additional Members of Executive Board:

Site Director: Bruce Penniman
PD Coordinator: Janie Baer-Leighton
SI ’14 Representative: Holly Lee
SI ’14 Representative: Chris Rea
SI ’14 Representative: Nikki Crosby
UMass English Liaison: Rebecca Lorimer Leonard
UMass Education Liaison: Denise Ives
WSU Liaison: Beth Rothermel
Springfield Liaison: Dawn Fontaine
University Liaison: Donna LeCourt
Retired Teachers Liaison: Diana Callahan
Members at Large:  Anne Marie Osheyack, Leslie Skantz-Hodgson, Joanne Wisniewski