Social Security and Your Retirement (Previous title: Retirement Income Strategies)

Start Date: 
Wed, April 9, 2014
End Date: 
Wed, April 9, 2014
noon - 1pm
Campus Center
Available To: 
UMass faculty, staff and the public
Best for people age 50 and over.

This is session 2 of the Retirement Strategies series.

A secure, comfortable retirement is every employee's dream. Achieving this dream requires careful financial planning to anticipate your income and needs in retirement.

As part of a comprehensive financial plan, Social Security is an important element in retirement security. This workshop will explain where Social Security fits in your overall retirement income, when to take Social Security benefits, how to maximize those benefits, and the importance of creating a financial plan to bridge any potential income gap.

Please note:  SERS, the ORP & GIC retiree benefits will not be covered in this workshop.