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Next Steps

In this section, we will offer closing thoughts and suggestions for future learning. At the end of this page, please complete the online Training Completion Form that records your completion of the program and the Training Evaluation Form.


Go back to the skills you listed at the beginning of this program, which you felt were important for successful supervision. How well do they match the skills discussed in this program? What strengths do you bring to supervision?
Good supervisors need support and resources to assist then in being successful.  We encourage you to use the resources provided in the program and seek out additional learning opportunities at the University.

We Suggest

  • Discuss expectations of supervision with your supervisor and employees, if you haven’t already.
  • Sign up for the Supervisory Development Leadership Development Program listed under workshops at-a-glance.

Training Evaluation Survey

Help us to improve out programs. Take the Evaluation Survey of the On-Line New Supervisor Orientation Program. All responses are anonymous.

Training Completion Form

Please complete the online training completion form. (Login is required.) 

 Your completion of the program will be reflected in your University Learning and Development transcript once we receive this your information.