Meeting and Strategic Planning Facilitation

If you are planning a departmental retreat, large group, or organizational meeting we can guide you in the design of an effective agenda to meet your goals for the event. We can help you identify tools and processes for effective group participation and interaction. We also provide professional facilitation for retreats, meetings or other events.

Making Meetings Work

Our consultants are available to help you evaluate the current success of your meetings and recommend strategies for improvement. We provide coaching or assistance in meeting development, meeting facilitation, and meeting evaluation. We can often help you to both reduce meeting time and improve meeting efficiency and communication.

Retreat Planning and Facilitation

From team building activities to goal setting and strategic planning we can assist your organization in the development and facilitation of highly interactive, productive retreats. We work with groups of any size. We provide ideas and assistance for ice-breakers, small group activities, and group problem-solving. All of these activities are designed for appropriate accommodation of your staff needs.

Team Start-Up and Development Activities

Getting a team started on the right track can be critical to its success. Our consultants provide help in the design and initiative of “Team Formation Plans” - team start-up activities and team process skills.

Strategic Planning Design and Facilitation

Our consultants can help your organization, department or work group in a strategic planning or goal setting process. We can assist in the development and facilitation of short or long-term strategic planning process. These can range from half-day planning retreats to an in-depth process to identify one to five year strategic plans. We can assist organizations to: develop organizational mission statements; identify organizational values; write short and long-term vision statements; develop annual plans; and connect individual performance goals to organizational strategic plans.