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Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is for Supervisory Development Leadership Program participants. IDP is a process you direct, in partnership with your manager, to enhance the development of your supervisory leadership competencies by:

  1. Identifying your SLDP strengths
  2. Setting goals and develop action plans
  3. Engaging in a range of learning opportunities
  4. Periodically reviewing your progress

Identify your SLDP strengths and areas for professional development

Developing your skills and competencies as a supervisor or manager is an on-going process.  Your participation in the SLDP program is an important part of this process, however, it is important that you apply what you learn in the SLDP program to your job.  Use the SLDP Competencies and Development document to help guide you in developing your SLDP competencies.  Understanding your SLDP strengths and developmental needs will help you identify which competencies to focus on as you plan your professional development as an effective supervisor and manager.  

Set goals and develop action plans to learn or improve upon important SLDP competencies you will need now or in the future


Once you have identified your SLDP strengths and areas for development and considered the competencies you need for your current job and career aspirations, then you can focus on developing a plan that will help you get there.

Start by asking yourself some key questions:

  • Will your IDP include building capabilities for your current job, preparing for new opportunities, or both?
  • Which of your strengths that you are currently competent in performing might you want to perform even better?
  • Which competencies are critical for you to improve upon now in order to be an effective supervisor or manager?
  • What are your goals and objectives for this IDP?
  • What developmental opportunities are important for you to focus on?  View our Potential Learning Activities [PDF] for actions you can take to develop your skills.

Complete a DRAFT of your Individual Development Plan.

Meet with your manager to discuss and refine your Individual Development Plan. Ask your manager to sign the IDP, keep a copy for your files and submit a copy in SLDP program per the instructor's directions.

Engage in a range of learning opportunities, including the SLDP program, coaching and on the job development activities to meet your IDP goals for professional growth and development

Learning and Development

There are many learning opportunities available to assist with your development of your skills and competencies as a supervisor or manager.  The SLDP program will introduce you to some, but not all, of the competencies identified in the SLDP framework.  While participating in the SLDP program is a great place to start your SLDP development, it will be important for you to engage in a full range of learning opportunities in order to meet your IDP goals for your professional growth and development.

  • Complete all the requirements for your “Certificate of Participation” in the SLDP program
  • Coaching: Participate in a coaching meeting with one of the SLDP consultants to help develop and/or review your progress on your IDP and obtain support and assistance with developing and accomplishing your IDP goals.  You will receive information on scheduling your coaching meeting after session 2 in the SLDP.
  • On-the-Job Development: Many of the learning opportunities will occur in the context of your current job.  Seek out as many development opportunities as possible.  Plan your IDP deadlines into your calendar.  Act on the plan and strive to make it work.

Review your progress on your IDP goals with your manager regularly and evaluate your progress on your identified goals

Review and Redo

Hold yourself accountable for progress on your IDP by scheduling regular meetings with your manager to review your progress.  Your manager is one of your coaches.  They can provide you with support and feedback on what they see as the progress you are making, and help you to problem solve when an approach you are taking might not be working.  Once you have achieved your IDP goals, identify other competencies you wish to develop and then plan ways to use them on the job. Continue your commitment to being your best now and developing yourself for the future.

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