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Conflict Communication

Available To: 
UMass faculty, staff and the public

Conflict Communication is a 2-part series.  If you are unable to attend both sessions, please contact the WLD staff and they will be happy to assist you: or call 413-545-1787.

Workplace conflicts and difficult conversations happen all too often in the workplace, and can hinder our ability to work productively together.  This two-part training will help you learn to deal with strong emotions, listen and ask questions more effectively, and identify the interests behind people’s stated positions.  Participants should plan to attend both sessions.

Session 1(11/3): Conflict Basics  - Define conflict and identify language that can cause conflict. Examine and practice effective communication skills.

Session 2 (11/10): Understanding Crucial Conversations- Define crucial conversations and identify how you communicate when conversations are crucial.  Explore a 7-step crucial conversation model and practice developing workable solutions using this model.


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