Advanced Data Collection and Management

The Wind Energy Center is involved in advanced methodologies for error-correction of wind data, fixed-echo rejection of remote sensing returns, advanced computational quality assurance algorithms. For wind turbine operations and management, the Wind Energy Center is also involved in development of remote sensing methods for forward detection of turbine inflow, advanced data-logging methods, and development of next-generation condition-monitoring architectures for autonomous operation of wind turbines at sea.

A Fixed-echo Rejection data analysis methodology for ART Sodars has been developed which has proven to enhance wind resource data accuracy at sites with complex topography typical to New England.

AQUA is an innovative open-source process for automation and integration of quality assurance methods.

The Wind Energy Center is also developing a simple, open-source data logger, coded named Minuteman, compatible with AQUA, to provide a seamless collection, correction, and archival environment for wind energy data.

The “Streamlined Site Assessment Methodology” (SSAM) is a superior approach to the traditional site assessment process developed at the Wind Energy Center.