Wind Energy Research Facilities

Wind Turbine Test Center

The Wind Energy Center originally developed the specification for the wind turbine blade test facility which has now evolved to the Massachusetts/NREL Wind Turbine Test Center under development in Charlestown waterfront in Boston, Massachusetts. Wind Energy Center faculty and students will be actively pursuing cutting-edge research at the facility when it begins operation.

Student using the Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel

The Wind Energy Center, in conjunction with the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department, operates a 1 meter-by-1 meter open-air wind tunnel capable of 1–15 m/s wind speeds. The tunnel has been used for wind turbine wake and array studies, and for calibrating meteorological sensors.

Experimental Wind Turbine Facility (Mt. Tom)

At the Experimental Wind Turbine Facility on Mt. Tom in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the Wind Energy Center hosts an experimental 250 kW wind turbine that serves as a demonstration, educational, and research platform for wind turbine design projects.

Hybrid Systems Simulator

At the former Solar House demonstration building, the Wind Energy Center manages a hybrid system simulation platform that can be used to physically simulate diesel hybrid systems for investigation of dynamic operation and validation of software codes. Learn more here.

Mt Tom turbine

ESI 80 Research Turbine at Mt. Tom


Hybrid Systems Simulator