Second Edition of Wind Energy Explained now available

Second Edition of Wind Energy Explained now available!

Wind Energy Explained
by James Manwell, Jon McGowan, Anthony Rogers

A new edition of this classic text is now available. Found in every wind energy graduate education setting worldwide, the text has been completely rewritten and updated.

Wind Energy Explained is a great introduction to the field of wind energy engineering. The material for this textbook comes from course notes from Wind Energy Engineering, a course which has been taught at the University of Massachusetts since the mid 1970s, and teaches the fundamentals of energy conversion from wind energy to electricity and its use by society. The topics covered include meteorology, resource assessment, aerodynamics, electrical, mechanical, and design considerations, turbine control systems, siting issues, and economic and environmental considerations. Though it is geared for college seniors, first-year graduate students, and professionals in related fields, plenty of introductory information is given, making the material accessible to anyone with math, physics, or engineering backgrounds.

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