Wind Energy Center Alumni

four alumniDr. Jon McGowan, Co-Director, Walt Musial, Senior Engineer, National Wind Technology Center, Brian Smith, Wind Program Technology Manager, National Wind Technology Center, & Dr. James Manwell, Director, at the annual UMass Alumni Reunion, AWEA 2007, Pittsburgh.

Wind Energy Center graduates are highly sought after and have gone on to become prominent figures in all aspects of the wind power industry, both nationally and internationally. Below is a listing of past and present employers of Wind Energy Center graduates.

If your firm is interested in working with us to tailor an educational or research program to your specific needs, please contact our co-Director, Dr. Jon McGowan.

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Following are some of the places that UMass alumni have landed:

Wind Power Companies

US Windpower






Carter Wind Systems

Bergey Power

Southwest Power



General Electric


Vestas North America

Clipper Wind

Northern Power

Second Wind


Wind Power Consultants

Garrad Hassan America

DNV Global Energy Concepts

First Wind

NEOS Corporation (Global Energy

Utility Companies/Developers

Florida Power and Light (FPL)

Southern California Edison

Northeast Utilities

Alaska Energy Authority

Ontario Hydro

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Oak Creek


US Universities


University of Texas/Arlington

Babson College

University of Wisconsin

James Madison University

University of California Davis

University of Massachusetts


National and State Agencies

White House Office of Sciene and Technology Policy

US Coast Guard

US Congress

US Department of Energy

International Agencies
and Universities

Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL), UK

Riso National Laboratories, Denmark

TU Delft, Netherlands

World Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE), India

National Resources, Canada

Andrew Garrad

Andrew Garrad

Garrad-Hassan, International Wind Development and Engineering firm

“UMass provides a rigorous academic training for graduates wishing to enter the wind industry. We have UMass graduates occupying key positions in the organization and continue to employ as many as UMass can supply!”

Karen Conover

Karen Conover

DNV Global Energy Concepts

“We’ve hired multiple graduates of UMass. The experience that they gain in the Renewable Energy Research Laboratory is directly applicable to our project work and allows them to “hit the ground running.” In a rapidly growing industry, this ability to make an immediate contribution and minimize the transition time from university to the business world is greatly valued.
   “In addition to the topical coursework, UMass grads often have hands-on experience with equipment and in the field. The real world perspective is unusual in new grads and provides other benefits for our company.”