The University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Communication (Film, Media Studies)

Amherst College

Deborah Gewertz
Anthropology/Film and Media Studies

Feminist Anthropology

Hampshire College

Kara Lynch 
Video and Critical Studies

cross-cultural study of women and the family with a specialization in China;women development and population policy 

Eva Rueschmann
Cultural Studies
psychoanaltic film theory; film and literature

Lise Shapiro Sanders
English Literature and Cultural Studies



Mount Holyoke College

Robin Blaetz
Film Studies

avant-gard filmmakers; femnist film theory; representation of women in film

Elizabeth Young

feminist theory; American women writers; American Studies; visual culture


Smith College

Dawn Fulton
French Studies
Gender and madness in literature

Alexandra Keller
Film and Media Studies

American western; cinema and post-modern, avant-gard and experimental film

Barbara Kellum

Japanese women's literature



Barton Byg
German Langagues and Literature
German women filmmakers; feminist theory; independent women filmmakers in the U.S.
Mari Castaneda digital media and telecommunication policy, Latina/ethnic media studies, and global communications

Anne Ciecko 

Women filmakers in Asian Cinema and Asian women artists

Leda Cooks gender and communications; women's representation in the media; feminist theory and critical pedagogy
Lisa Henderson women and popular culture
Karen List
women in journalism and women's history
Erica Scharrer mass media and socialization; protrayals of gender and violence and their impacts
Demetria Shabazz women in cinemas of the African Diaspora, Race, Gender and Situation comedy