Award Winners

Each year Women for UMass Amherst will make awards to campus projects and programs vetted by the WFUM Steering Committee with input by donors, to the Women for UMass Amherst Fund.  In the fall of 2014, the six campus projects below were chosen to receive a portion of the $32,000 available. An additional $5,000 was contributed to the Women for UMass Amherst Endowment to fund future projects

UMass Women into Leadership UWiL was awarded $6,000. It is a new initiative based in the Department of Political Science, which aims to better prepare and encourage undergraduate women to become public leaders after graduation. The initiative is designed as a one-credit, semester-long course for a cohort of 30 students. The class will include professional training sessions, a weekend-long intensive workshop, opportunities for mentoring and professional networking, and scholarship support for internships.

Ambassador Cynthia Shepard Perry Collection and Endowment The Ambassador Cynthia Shepard Perry Collection and Endowment project was awarded $5,000 to digitize key portions of this distinguished UMass Amherst alumna’s collection to make it accessible on the internet and to support a new endowment that is being established in her honor. The endowment will support College of Education graduate students, or students affiliated with the Center for International Education, who wish to pursue field work internationally. Cynthia Shepard Perry served as an ambassador to two African nations, as executive director of the African Development Bank, and was a devoted mother of six children. She was the first woman graduate of the international education doctoral program in the College of Education.

Women of Isenberg Conference The Women of Isenberg Conference received a $5,000 award to connect Isenberg alumnae with current female Isenberg students to share experiences, foster confidence, and communicate about the challenges women face in the classroom and workplace. The Women of Isenberg Conference will utilize this award to support its second annual conference on February 6th, 2015, which expects to bring together over 150 students, alumnae and faculty members to take part in conference events such as a keynote speaker presentation, breakout sessions, and networking receptions.

The Politics of Migration: Gender, Sexuality and Citizenship Conference was awarded $4,000 in funding to fund the third in a series of conferences on provocative topics related to gender and sexuality, each with the goal of developing new conversational communities to engage students, activists, and scholars and share stimulating commentary on the migration of children and youth, women and sex trafficking, the migration of pregnant women and LGBT people. The Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies will utilize their award to pay honoraria and travel expenses for the conference’s two keynote speakers, as well as for a post-conference dinner for a limited number of participants.

Expanding the Curatorial Fellowship Program at the University Museum of Contemporary Art (UMCA) Now in its seventh year, the UMCA’s annual curatorial Fellowship exhibition is the culmination of a semester-long independent project for course-credit, conducted traditionally by Art History graduate students in collaboration with faculty and museum staff. The Fellowship deepens students’ understanding of the intellectual and practical tasks of exhibition curating in a museum setting and provides students with hands-on experience and highly valuable skills for the job market. The UMCA will utilize their $4,000 award to support the expansion of this program to include students from the newly formed Art History and Studio Arts Departments to allow for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Graduate Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Undergraduate STEM Mentoring Program Graduate Women in STEM received a $3,000 award to support its undergraduate STEM mentoring program which will be based on the same framework of its successful graduate/faculty mentorship program. Undergraduate women in STEM will be given the opportunity to network with graduate women in STEM in small group settings that will allow for the exchange of first hand advice and conversation and the development of one-on-one connections.