Women for UMass Amherst (WFUM) is a network established to educate, encourage, and inspire women – friends and alumnae –  to be avid supporters and philanthropic leaders engaged with the university. 

Women for UMass Amherst provides opportunities for all women in the UMass Amherst community to help the university realize its full potential and to encourage and celebrate the critical role of women in its growth and success.  Women donors who contribute to any area of campus are members of this key network. Through WFUM, UMass Amherst builds a network of like-minded women who:

  • Inspire and encourage women to support the university through philanthropy.
  • Educate women about the power of shared resources and the impact of giving.
  • Involve women in the enrichment of the university experience.

Women become members of the WFUM network by making a gift to any area of campus they choose, following their individual passion.  Women may also contribute to a collective fund- the WFUM fund—and have a voice in directing these pooled resources to good causes at UMass Amherst.

Structure and Leadership

WFUM is led by a steering committee of women donors who give at or above Leadership Circle levels and who want the opportunity to advise the WFUM initiative.  The steering committee acts as leaders of this organization and philanthropic mentors to alumnae and friends who have the ability to assist the university with achieving its many goals.