A whirlwind week at home

When I've been home long enough, the days usually start to blend together, since I don't have important test dates to remember or classes to attend.  This week is a blur, but it's certainly not for lack of things to do; Christmas shopping, seeing friends, baking cookies, and birthday celebrations crowd my recent memory, as well as my memory card.

When my big sister got in from upstate New York last Friday, she had donuts with her.  We celebrated her 29th birthday over a cake comprised of stacked and candle-topped donuts.
Having her home this time of year always adds to my time in New Jersey.  She's a photographer too, and is totally used to having a camera in her face.  I was sad to see her leave earlier today, but plans are in the works for her to visit me in Amherst on my birthday this year.

As much as I love a break from work, I can't help but miss those magic hills in western Mass. Weather permitting, a friend and I plan on heading up to Amherst next week to visit friends before heading on to Boston.  Only a little more than 20 days before I head back up to the Valley for another semester, and I'm already getting antsy.