What makes me a UMass student.

One afternoon, I decided to garner all of the physical evidence of being a UMass student I possessed. I wanted to see what it looked like all in the same place. I found the free towel I got at the summer orientation before my freshman year. I found the water bottles I received from the dining hall and the advising office.

I remembered all of the free T-shirts I'd gotten from various events and activities. I bought one for myself but soon realized that they weren't too difficult to acquire. Simply going to a sporting event, joining a club, or being active around campus would bring you into contact with many free-stuff opportunities.

I collected my textbooks; surely they would be proof that I was a student. Some of the books from past classes I found interesting and wanted to keep for future reference. Some were written by my professors and all were carefully selected.

Looking through my desk I found some old newspapers from the past semester. Some I kept because my photos were featured in the issue and I wanted to have a printed copy, others I kept simply because I had been planning on reading that day's paper and I forgot about it.

After looking some of them over for a few minutes, I remembered all of the events I went to last semester on campus and looked for the ticket stubs. I found only some of the tickets from the many places I went last semester. I went to the movies many times with my friends, I went to concerts on campus and in the local area, I even saw Noam Chomsky speak about the political climate of our time. Obviously, after looking over all of this I thought about what really made me a UMass student-the people I know. Looking back at all of the physical evidence, I can really see how much of an impact UMass has made on my life. All of these things wouldn't have happened if I hadn't come to UMass.