Waiting out the storm

As someone who never liked the cold and would really enjoy snow if it were only  50 degrees warmer, going to school in Massachusetts was a bold choice.  While Massachusetts sat snowed into a state of emergency, I donned my parka, knit fingerless gloves and camera and took to campus by foot to photograph the ever-accepted half-snow day. 
While I got plenty of the deserted campus shots I expected,  I also ran into a handful of others outside braving the blizzard.  Some were walking back up the hill toward Van Meter after a late lunch or wandering off through the otherwise desolate pathways of campus, destination unknown. I ran into others, suited up in clothes for the weather, waging snowball wars outside of Orchard Hill or skiing down the hill. 
Hours later, I'm warm and ready for bed as the snow still flakes down outside my window.  My shades are drawn, but the sound of snowplows circling the building continues to make the weather evident.  With my birthday and other plans later this weekend, I have to be thankful for the constant drone outside, without which I would surely be snowed in come sunrise.