UMass at night

One of the first things I noticed upon arrival at UMass was how bright the stars are compared to back home.  I think the friends I made freshman year were in the same boat; every night after leaving the dining commons, we would all collectively look up at the sky for just a second before climbing back up the hill. 

As the sun starts to set earlier and earlier with the coming winter months, I've found myself leaving my later classes after dark with increasing frequency.  The second I step out of the door of the academic building, I still find myself subconsciously stealing a look at the sky.

I took these pictures on an after-dark trek around campus inspired by the stars I saw after leaving Goessmann Lab around 6 today.  As the crowd dies down and the moon comes out, campus takes on a calm, pleasantly mysterious atmosphere as the buildings we rush in and out of in the daytime become a landscape of lights puncturing the darkness.