UMass Night Out

I've been passing the posters for UMass Night Out for a few weeks; every semester, University Programming Council arranges for a Friday night of activities in and around the campus center.  Since  all the events are free and I've been practically living in the campus center for the past few weeks, I decided drop in for some welcome relief from schoolwork in the form of free entertainment.

I popped in and out of events, from the Not Ready For Bedtime Players performance in the basement of the campus center to the free movie screening in the Cape Cod Lounge, before grabbing free popcorn and ending up in a room with a playing card covered floor.  While I had evidently missed the first magician performance, I was just on time to catch Michael Kent's comedy magic routine.

Lucky for the audience, and at the misfortune of the poor souls who volunteered to be a part of the show, Kent struck a good balance between legitimately surprising tricks and the sort of public embarrassment that consistently got laughs from the crowd.  After a day of running around, it was a perfect, and free, way to catch my breath and usher in the weekend.