Twenty-Six Floors

This past week, I explored UMass' W.E.B. DuBois library. Due to its size, it was impossible to see everything. I found myself in many places in the library that I had never been to before. In the library standing 26 stories high, its not difficult to see why.

The library is a great place to meet for group projects, find resources, get research assistance, and simply find a quiet desk to study. It has the Procrastination Station on the first floor for all of your snacking needs, and many helpful people to point you in the right direction when you get lost (which will happen). Once you find your favorite places however, you will wonder how you got by without the library.

I use the computers, books, and printers at the library on a regular basis. I also take myself away from any distractions by studying in the library when I really need to focus. Personally, I like finding a quiet desk on one of the floors with book stacks, but now that I've discovered the Art and Photography floor, I may have to revise my study habits.

23rd Floor of the Library
Man studying on the 23rd floor.
Library desks.
Old Chapel
9th floor of the library
3rd floor of the library
Lower level of the library.
view of the library