My life at the Collegian

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you might realize that photos of my dorm are few and far between.  Instead of posting those, this is an introduction to the place that is undoubtedly my second home. Located in the basement of the Campus Center, the Daily Collegian offices and the staff inside have welcomed me since I was a freshman.

During the third week of school in Fall 2010, I remember the anxiety I felt as I slinked into this new space.  I had never referred to myself as a photographer in high school, preferring to tell people "I take pictures!" or "I'm interested in photography!" I had never shot news or taken a journalism class before, and I was afraid I wouldn't fit in among a group of dedicated photojournalists. 

This meeting turned out to be a bigger part of my life than I expected.  After receiving my first assignment, I showed up to more and more meetings.  Through years of attending plays, shows, events and celebrations as a journalist, I feel comfortable approaching a stranger, shaking their hand and saying hi, I'm Shaina Mishkin, and I'm a photographer.

Now I'm an assistant photo editor of the paper, which means I spend even more time down there than I used to; I help with production every Sunday and attend weekly photo meetings (open to any interested student) on Wednesday at 7:30 .  This is a photographic tour through the typical meetings and production that goes into creating the largest daily student paper in New England every school night.