The Larger Community

I love the UMass community that exists on campus. Due to its size, UMass is like its own town where you see many of the same people every day but there is always something new going on. One of the best parts of UMass is that this is not the only community that you are a part of. A 15-minute walk puts you in the center of Amherst where there are shops and restaurants, bars and benches, pizza and ice cream. The center of town is a place that many others besides UMass students enjoy and this simply enriches its culture and charm. While it brings UMass into its larger community, it is still a relatively close group that has made Amherst such an interesting place to live. The students help shape it as much as they are shaped by it.

There are many well-known and much-loved places to go in downtown Amherst. Antonio's Pizza is a well-known favorite. My favorite new shop is the Glazed doughnut shop. I just can't resist. When I was growing up, my parents (who grew up in Amherst) would take me and my siblings to Pasta E Basta, so it still remains a favorite of mine.

So if you don't live in Amherst, I suggest you visit some time. And if you do or have, you know exactly what I'm talking about.