Humans vs. Zombies crawls into UMass

In my three years at UMass, I've come to expect them with the turn of the seasons; like the changing leaves in autumn, red bandannas and armbands seem to rapidly increase in number come the first few weeks of October.  This year was no different; near the beginning of the month, the 661 players of UMass's Humans vs. Zombies game made their presence known on campus.  A strategic manhunt-esque game that runs 24 hours and makes use of the entire campus, Humans vs. Zombies requires human players to employ NERF guns, socks and marshmallows as ammo against the ever-growing horde of zombie players.

When I heard that my friend Chris was an administrator of the game this semester, I asked if I could follow them around and see what the game was about. I tagged along to watch a practice session on the Northeast Quad right before the game officially started this year, and these photos are the results!