Homecoming parade

Last Saturday, I went to my first-ever big Homecoming event.  Of course, "went to" is a strong word.  "Stumbled upon" is possibly more approprate.

On the morning of the 27th, I left my dorm around 11 to go check out the Fall Festival happening on the library concourse. I stayed for a little while, taking pictures of the student businesses, games and rock wall that were set up on the lawn, before heading towards Hampshire DC for breakfast.

That was when I heard it: the undeniable blast of brash and clash of cymbols from behind my back.  I turned around to see the UMass Marching Band, led by four costumed minutemen, parading past the Old Chapel in my direction.  I followed them to the front of Berkshire DC, where they conducted a mid-noon wake-up call for the residents of Southwest.  Afterward, the band joined with the rest of the parade, mostly cars driven by various student activity representitives, and headed back to the library.

One of the most interesting things about going was seeing all the alumni, standing on the sidelines and clutching copies of The Daily Collegian.  I couldn't help but wonder what their UMass experiences had been like; where did they live? Which buildings did they have class in? What was UMass like back then?  As they walked back toward the library with their families, I wondered what UMass would look like in 10 or 20 years, when I come back for Homecoming.

The marching band heads past Herter towards Southwest