Happy Holla-ween

Last Saturday night, I found myself in the fourth row of an Isenberg lecture hall, where a group of costumed performers harmonized their way through pop hits from Adele to Elvis.  I had heard of The Vocal Suspects' annual Holla-ween show from Jarrod, my freshman year neighbor who I possibly know best from the renditions of Rocket Man I routinely heard through the walls of Van Meter.

It had been awhile since I had heard him sing; as soon as the show started, I realized how easily I had forgotten the all the talent in this group. According to the Vocal Suspects' website, auditions normally draw 100 or more Suspect hopefuls and, with only fourteen current members, this selectivity certainly shows. A couple highlights include Mike Mosca's dedicated rendition of Elvis's All Shook Up and music director Emily Henriksen's powerful performance of David Guetta's Titanium.

The performance ended as any good event should: with candy and glow sticks. The free show was definitely worth attending, and added a festive twist to my Saturday night.