Election watching in the Cape Cod Lounge

When I walked into the Cape Cod Lounge at 7 on election night, there were already 30 or 40 people gathered to watch the results unfold.

As the night went on, the crowd grew around the giant projection of election coverage on a screen in front of the room.  The room was full of two kinds of students: those who stopped in to see what was going on, and those who were hunched over their laptops, tracking electoral votes as they came in.

As the crowd thinned out around 10, the atmosphere in the room took a definite turn toward anxious. Many of the students left were now sitting impatiently or milling about, in anticipatory wait for the next swing state's polls to be closed.

Too anxious to stand around much longer, two friends and I headed to Berkshire DC around 11, where every face was turned toward the TVs scattered around the building.  We sat right under one of them, just in time to hear that President Obama won reelection.