Election Day 2012!

The UMass Student Government Association & UMass Student Activities and Involvement worked together to provide a shuttle for students to get to the polls. I hopped on the first shuttle of the day at eleven o' clock and followed my fellow students on their democratic journey. The shuttle was available from 11 AM-7 PM.

I had already voted via absentee ballot but that didn't stop the excited buzz I felt from the first presidential election in which I was eligible to vote. The shuttle was packed full with students who found that a little extra time between classes was a good time to choose who they wanted to lead the executive branch of the government for the next four years.

The fact that it was election day put a whole new spin on the day and it seemed that it was all I could see all around me. I can't wait to watch the aftermath of this event on the national level tonight. I know that I won't be alone.

students getting on the shuttle
polling sign
students at the polling place
students getting information
Southwest Students
students in line