Cover to Cover with Sabrina Amiri

I was still half asleep when I stumbled out of Sabrina's car and headed toward the towering building in the distance.

"I honestly didn't think you'd do this," she said to me.

"Yeah, no, me neither," I yawned.

With the campus center in the distance and the time looming closer and closer to 2 A.M., we broke into a powerwalk towards WMUA.

As it turned out, we arrived just about on time for the early Thursday morning show.  This is Sabrina's first semester hosting a radio show on campus, so she jumped at the opportunity for any timeslot when it presented itself.

It might've been how sleepy I was, the coffee and/or the company, but the two hours flew.  Cover to Cover is, as you might expect, a show focused on airing renditions of songs by artists other than the original, and I spent the next 120 minutes combing my iTunes library and throwing the suggestions at Sabrina. 

Come 4 A.M., I was wide awake at the wrong time.  I headed back up to Orchard Hill and willed myself to sleep.

"Maybe I'll go back next week," I thought as I drifted off, "okay, no, maybe not."