References for Genes
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Commercially Available Reagents

Monoclonal antibodies will be made to:

B-cell Protein Targets:

IgM: 1.14 available and multiple other available. Detects both secretory and membrane IgM

Deluca, D., Wilson, M., and Warr, G.W. ((1983) Lymphocyte heterogeneity in the trout, Salmo gairdneri, defined with monoclonal antibodies to IgM. Eur J Immunol 13, 546-51.

secIgM: detects secretory IgM only

IgT : Detects IgT CH2 domain.

IgD : Detects the IgD CH2 domain.

CD3 : Detects the cytoplasmic tail of CD3e

CD8: Detects cytotoxic T-cells.

P56lck: T-lymphocyte specific protein.

CD11: Macrophage-specific.

CXCR4: Detects the N-terminal of the CXCR4 receptor (currently being characterized).

CD83: Dendritic cell marker (currently being characterized).

CD80 (B7): Activated B-cell (currently being characterized).

IL-1B2: Pro-inflammatory cytokine (Currently being characterized).

CD4rel: T-cell marker (currently being characterized).

Recombinant Proteins Made (for future monoclonal antibody production):

IGD: CH2-CH7 and CH3-CH$ domains (immunixations have begun Feb 2013)

IgT: CH2-3-4 domains (immunizations have begun March 2013)

IL-6: Full length (Immunizations have begun Jan 2013)

IL-2: Full length (immunizations have begun Feb 2013)

IFNγ: Full length (immunizations have begun Feb 2013)

C3d: Full length (planned June 2013)

CD4: extracellular domains (planned June 2013)

CD8: extracellular domains (planned June 2013)

TCRα: extracellular domains (planned June 2013)

TCRβ: extracellular domains (planned June 2013)

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Last updated: March 2013

Dr. John Hansen
Species Coordinator, Trout

Dr. Erin Bromage
Species Coordinator, Trout

Species Coordinators

John Hansen
WFRC-USGS Biological Resources Division
Trout bioassays, genes, and recombinant proteins

Erin Bromage
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Trout recombinant proteins and monoclonals

Species Collaborators

Steve Kaattari
Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Oriol Sunyer
University of Pennsylvania

Bernd Koellner
Federal Research Center for Virus Diseases in Animals, Greifswald-Insel Riems, Germany