UMass Amherst Veteran Services

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Information for New Student Veterans

To receive GI Bill benefits, new students must be certified. To do so, contact Judy Gagnon in the Veteran Services Office at 413-545-5792. Through this process, our office certifies that you have applied for benefits and that you will attend UMass Amherst. We then inform the Regional Processing VA office of your attendance and credit totals. You only need to complete this process once as a UMass Amherst student, unless you plan to take summer or January term courses. In these cases, you must contact our office again.

Transferring Credits

You may be able to receive UMass Amherst credits for military courses and college-level exams completed during active duty. Go to Applying for and Maintaining Educational Benefits for information on sending your military transcript to the university.

Massachusetts Residents

Massachusetts residents who are veterans or active members of the armed forces may be eligible for Categorical Tuition Waivers. Tuition Waivers cover tuition at UMass Amherst, but not other costs, such as fees and room and board. To receive a waiver, you must bring your DD 214 (military separation papers) to our office in 227 Whitmore and complete paperwork. This process will notify Financial Aid Services of your status, which they will take into account in determining your financial aid package.

Visit the Web site of the Massachusetts' Office of Student Financial Assistance for more details about the Categorical Tuition Waivers, including eligibility. For complete information on applying for Financial Aid, visit the Financial Aid Services Web site.