Fee structure for the flow cytometry facility as of Oct 30, 2006. Rates are based per hour. Training is based per person, per hour.



LSR II analysis
w/o operator

LSR II analysis
with operator

Cell sorting*


UMass investigators





External investigators





*One hour set up fee will be charged for a non-sterile sort and two hours set up will be charged for a sterile sort.

Frequent users have the option of paying a yearly fee of $6000 for LSR II and cell sorting but will be charged for training.  It is assumed that frequent users will not require an operator to run the LSR II.


Training on the LSR II for new students/postdocs and research technicians will be conducted once a month on the first friday of each month.  The training class will cover the basics of flow cytometry.  Additionally a hands-on introduction to the use of the instrument and software analysis of data will be available for interested new users.  All new users will be required to take this course before they are allowed to use the LSR II.  One on one training in special circumstances will be considered, operator’s time permitting.