I had said that the weekend was life changing but I think a better way to put it is that it was heart changing- and of course eye opening.

~UWW student Sophia Smith

social justice residency

Participatory Democracy: Engaging Across Divides

5th Annual UWW Social Justice Residency
Friday, Sept. 15- Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017
UMass Center at Springfield

What is the social justice residency?

UWW's annual social justice residency provides an opportunity for UWW students to incorporate the study of social justice into their degrees in such fields as health care, education, advocacy, criminal justice, the arts, sustainability, public policy, business, and leadership. In response to student demand and with student input, UWW hosted its first social justice residency in 2013. Since then, nearly 75 UWW students and over three dozen faculty, activists and community leaders have gathered at annual residency weekends to network and think creatively about how to foster social justice in their school, work, and home communities. 

What do students do at the residency?

Over two and a half days, UWW students immerse themselves in scholarly readings and dialogue with guest speakers, faculty, and community activists who share academic and career interests in social justice. 

Approximately one month before the residency, students receive a link to required readings that prepare them to participate in residency activities. The texts we selected are meant to give you a general introduction to the field of social justice and its history, highlight some of the key debates and theoretical frameworks within the field, and provide you with examples that illustrate how these ideas can be applied to specific contemporary issues.

Can students earn residency credit towards graduation?

With their advisor's approval, UWW students enroll in one credit of independent study to attend the residency. In addition, students have the option of developing a semester-long independent research project for additional credits.

2017 schedule of events and expectations

Residency participants will receive one-credit of independent study for attending all residency activities and fully participating in meetings.  Participants will have the opportunity to explore whether or not they want to embark on an optional semester long independent study after residency is complete. Review the schedule of events.

Accommodations and meals

Those who do not live locally are responsible for their own accommodations. All meals are included. 

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