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sample list of online courses

Here is a list of online courses offered by UMass Amherst in the past three years. This will give you an idea of the types of courses you would have the opportunity to choose from when crafting your individualized concentration. As with all colleges and universities, courses come and go, and this list is subject to change.

Not seeing the types of courses you’re looking for? Contact us. We may know about new courses coming online. Or if you have past credits in an academic subject not listed here, let's talk about how we can leverage those past credits to get you to the finish line as quickly as possible. 

ACCOUNTG 221 Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCOUNTG 222 Principles of Managerial Accounting
ACCOUNTG 311 Accounting Information Systems
ACCOUNTG 321 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACCOUNTG 322 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACCOUNTG 331 Cost Accounting
ACCOUNTG 371 Individual Taxation
ACCOUNTG 423 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACCOUNTG 491B Auditing
ACCOUNTG 491T Corporate Taxation
AFROAM 151 Literature and Culture
AFROAM 236 History of the Civil Rights Movement
ANIMALSCI 200 Animal Cell and Molecular Biology
ANTHRO 100 Human Nature
ANTHRO 102 Archaeology and Prehistory
ANTHRO 103 Human Origins and Variation
ANTHRO 104 Culture, Society & People
ANTHRO 105 Language, Culture & Communications
ANTHRO 106 Culture Through Film
ANTHRO 150 Ancient Civilizations
ANTHRO 205 Inequality and Oppression
ANTHRO 208 Human Ecology
ANTHRO 234 Art in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
ANTHRO 258 Food and Culture
ANTHRO 269 North American Archeology
ANTHRO 270 North American Indians
ANTHRO 292V Violence in American Culture
ANTHRO 312 Medical Anthropology
ANTHRO 317 Primate Behavior
ART-HIST 110 Survey- Renaissance- Modern Art
ARTS-EXT 390A Cultural Equity in the Arts
ARTS-EXT 390M Grantwriting for the Arts
ARTS-EXT 391A Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship
ARTS-EXT 500 Introduction to Arts Management
ARTS-EXT 501 Arts Fundraising
ARTS-EXT 502 Arts Marketing
ARTS-EXT 503 Arts Programming
ARTS-EXT 504 Financial Management in the Arts
ARTS-EXT 505 Strategic Planning
ARTS-EXT 507 Board Development
ARTS-EXT 508 Creative Economy
ARTS-EXT 509 Greening Your Nonprofit Arts Organization
ASTRON 100 Exploring the Universe
ASTRON 101 The Solar System
ASTRON 105 Weather and Our Atmosphere
ASTRON 690A Discovering the Universe
BCT 597D Sustainable Building and LEED Certification
BDIC 391A Digital Photography for the Non-Art Major
BDIC 391F The Paranormal
BDIC 391J Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Entrepreneurship
BDIC 391K Topics in TESOL
CHEM 101 General Chemistry for Non-Majors
CHEM 250 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 261 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 262 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 269 Organic Chemistry Lab
BIOL 190G Environmental Evolution
CLASSICS 100 Greek Civilization
CLASSICS 102 Roman Civilization
CLASSICS 224 Greek Mythology
COMM 118 Intro to Interpersonal Comm and Culture
COMM 121 Intro to Media and Culture
COMM 122 Intro to Media Programming and Institutions
COMM 125 Intro to Rhetoric & Perfm & Social Action
COMM 140 Introduction to Film Studies
COMM 212 Cultural Codes in Communication
COMM 287 Advertising as Social Communication
COMM 288 Gender, Sex & Representation
COMM 289 Media, Public Relations and Propaganda
COMM 319 Health Communication
COMM 336 Consumer Culture
COMM 397WW Sports, Culture and Advertising
COMM 427 Media Literacy
COMP-LIT 121 International Short Story
COMP-LIT 122 Spiritual Autobiography
COMP-LIT 133 Intro to Science Fiction
COMP-LIT 141 Good and Evil: East and West
COMP-LIT 236 Digital Culture
COMP-LIT 397G Death and Dying
COMP-LIT 397M The Mind and its Discontents: Mental Afflictions
COMP-LIT 552 Medical Interpreting (check requirements)
COMPSCI 121 Introduction to Problem Solving with Computers
COMPSCI 187 Programming with Data Structures
COMPSCI 527 Introduction to Affective Computing
COMPSCI 590AC Introduction to Affective Computing
ECON 103 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 104 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 105 Introduction to Political Economy
ECON 203 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECON 204 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 305 Marxian Theory
ECON 308 Political Economy of the Environment
ECON 311 Money and Banking
ECON 362 American Economic History
ECON 366 Economic Development
ECON 397GR The Great Recession: 2008-?
ECON 397RW Real World Economics
EDUC 115 Embracing Diversity
EDUC 210 Social Diversity in Education
EDUC 229 International Education
EDUC 301 Young Children/Families & Schools
EDUC 305 Educational Psychology
EDUC 325 Introduction to Special Education
EDUC 351 Foundations of Education
EDUC 377 Introduction to Multicultural Education
EDUC 378 Survey of Children's Literature
EDUC 393M Intro to Early Childhood Education
EDUC 395A Early Childhood Methods and Curriculum
EDUC 397C Observing and Assessing Young Children
EDUC 397JA Psychological and Academic Benefit of Sports and Physical Activity for Youth
EDUC 461 Principles and Methods of Reading and Language Arts in Elementary Schools
EDUC 462 Teaching Science in the Elementary Schools
EDUC 463 Principles & Methods of Teaching Elem Schl Math
EDUC 491A Introduction to Inclusion
EDUC 555 Intro to Statistics/Comp An I
EDUC 591F Leadership & Organizational Behavior: Theory and Practice for Counselors, Educators, and Mental Health Professionals
EDUC 591N Substance Abuse Services and Intervention
EDUC 591V Cognitive Behavior for Educators, Counselors & Mental Health Professionals
EDUC 591W Recognizing Family Values& Initiating Intervention
EDUC 594M Child&Adolescent Dev. For the Helping Professional
EDUC 595G LGBT Issues in Education
EDUC 595K Introduction to College Teaching
CE-ENGIN 240 Statics
CE-ENGIN 260 Probability and Statistics in CE
E&C-ENG 122 Intro to Programming for ECE
E&C-ENG 211 Circuit Analysis I
E&C-ENG 232 Hardware Organization and Design
M&I-ENG 210 Statics
M&I-ENG 273 Probability and Statistics in Engineering
M&I-ENG 532 Network Optimization
M&I-ENG 573 Engineering Wind Power Systems
M&I-ENG 597WE Engineering of Off-Shore Wind Energy Development for Non-Engineers
ENGLISH 132 Gender, Sexuality, Literature and Culture
ENGLISH 202 Later British Literature and Culture
ENGLISH 221 Shakespeare
ENGLISH 254 Writing and Reading Imaginative Literature
ENGLISH 339 Film and Literature
ENGLISH 354 Creative Writing
ENGLISH 379 Introduction to Professional Writing
ENGLISH 385 Creative Writing: Non-fiction
ENGLISH 391AF Creative Writing: The Television Plot Script
ENGLISH 391AG Writing the Graphic Novel
ENGLISH 391AJ Writing for a Living
ENGLWRIT 112 College Writing
FRENCH 110 Elementary French I
FRENCH 120 Elementary French II
FRENCH 230 Intermediate French
FRENCH 240 Intermediate French- Four Skills
FRENCH 280 Love and Sex  in French Culture
FRENCH 353 African Film
GEOGRAPH 102 Introduction to Human Geography
GEOGRAPH 110 Global Environment Change
GEOGRAPH 250 Natural Disasters
GEOGRAPH 397G Introduction to GIS
GEOGRAPH 468 GIS and Spatial Analysis
GEOLOGY 103 Introduction to Oceanography
GEOLOGY 109 Geology of the National Parks
GERMAN 110 Elementary German
GERMAN 120 Elementary German
GERMAN 230 Intermediate German
GERMAN 240 Intermediate German
HISTORY 101 Western Thought Since 1600
HISTORY 110 World History to 1500
HISTORY 111 World History since 1500
HISTORY 112 Introduction to World Religions
HISTORY 121 Latin America: The National Period
HISTORY 150 Development of American Civilization to 1876
HISTORY 151 Development of American Civilization 1876 On
HISTORY 154 Social Change in the 1960's
HISTORY 170 Indigenous People of North America
HISTORY 241 The Irish Experience
HISTORY 264 History of Healthcare and Medicine in the U.S. 
HISTORY 280 History of Baseball in America
HISTORY 290A African American History from African to Civil War
HISTORY 380 Modern Boston
HISTORY 383 American Environmental History
HISTORY 389 U.S. Women's History Since 1890
HISTORY 597P The Public Life of History
HONORS 201H Ideas that Change the World
HT-MGT 100 Intro to Hospitality and Tourism
HT-MGT 150 Food Production Management
HT-MGT 240 Lodging Operations Management
HT-MGT 250 Food Service Management
HT-MGT 260 Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry
HT-MGT 317 Casino Management
HT-MGT 320 Hospitality and Tourism Law
HT-MGT 332 Convention Sales Management
HT-MGT 334 Special Events Management
HT-MGT 336 Club Management
HT-MGT 337 Meeting, Convention, and Exposition Management
HT-MGT 355 Restaurant Operations Management
HT-MGT 356 Beverage Management
HT-MGT 370 Hospitality Managerial Accounting
HT-MGT 397M Service Experience Management
HT-MGT 397J Entertainment Management
HT-MGT 419 Gaming and Social Policy
HT-MGT 433 Tourism Policy and Planning
HT-MGT 444 Strategic Planning in the Hotel Industry
HT-MGT 455 Leadership Issues in Food Service Management
HUMANDEV 270 Child Development
HUMANDEV 380 Human Development in Adulthood
INFO 397F Introduction to Data Science
ITALIAN 110 Elementary Italian I
ITALIAN 120 Elementary Italian II
ITALIAN 333 Women's Bodies: Poetry, Politics and Power
JOURNAL 201 Introduction to Journalism
JOURNAL 250 News Literacy
JOURNAL 300 Newswriting and Reporting
JOURNAL 310 Going Global: International Journalism
JOURNAL 333 Intro to Visual Storytelling
JOURNAL 335 Principles of Public Relations
JOURNAL 391J Food Writing
JOURNAL 391PR Social Media and Public Relations
JOURNAL 392P Writing for Public Relations
JOURNAL 392S Opinion Writing: Columns
JOURNAL 397U Interviewing Essentials
JOURNAL 445 Journalism and Law
JOURNAL 460 Journalism Ethics
JOURNAL 492M Magazine Writing
JUDAIC 101 The Jewish People I
KIN 100 Introduction to Kinesiology
KIN 110 Human Performance & Nutrition
KIN 291E Foundations of PersonalTraining
KIN 297M Intro to Exercise Psychology
KIN 340 Exercise Testing & Programming
KIN 380 Introduction to Macroeconomics
KIN 380 Diet, Supplements & Athletic Performance
LANDARCH 547 Landscape Pattern and Process
LEGAL 250 Intro to Legal Studies
LEGAL 291C Current Litigation of Contentious Social Issues
LEGAL 291S Global Cyberlaw
LEGAL 297G Law, The Miltary and Society
LEGAL 297R Gender, Law and Politics
LEGAL 297TV Law in Film and TV
LEGAL 391S Islamophobia, Multiculturalism and the Law
LEGAL 391T Animals, Politics and the Law
LEGAL 392LA Legal Activism and Same Sex Marriage
LEGAL 397E Law and Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the U.S. 
LEGAL 450 Legal Research and Writing
LINGUIST 101 People and Their Language
LINGUIST 201 Intro to Linguistic Theory
MANAGMNT 260 Introduction to Law
MANAGMNT 301 Principles of Management
MANAGMNT 314 Human Resource Management
MANAGMNT 330 Organizational Behavior
MANAGMNT 331 Organization Design and Change
MANAGMNT 341 New Ventures
MANAGMNT 365 Business and Its Environment
MANAGMNT 366 Foundations of Sustainable Enterprise
MANAGMNT 391E Environmental Law
MANAGMNT 462 Social Entrepreneurship
MANAGMNT 494BI Business Policy and Strategy
SCH-MGMT 310 Management Communications
SCH-MGMT 350 Professional Ethics in Contemporary Society
SCH-MGMT 391A Introduction to Global Business
SCH-MGMT 494BI Business Policy and Strategy
SCH-MGMT 597FA Foundation of Accounting
SCH-MGMT 597FF Foundation of Finance
SCH-MGMT 597L Negotiation Theory and Practice
FINANCE 301 Corporate Finance
FINANCE 304 Financial Modeling
FINANCE 305 Investments
FINANCE 402 Advanced Corporate Finance
FINANCE 404 Bank Management
FINANCE 405 International Finance
OIM 210 Intro to Business Info Systems
OIM 240 Business Data Analysis
OIM 301 Intro to Operations Management
OIM 320 Quality Management
OIM 420 High Performance Organizations
OIM 451 Information and Project Management
OIM 452 Business Processes nd Enterprise Systems
OIM 453 Business Intelligence and Analytics
MARKETING 301 Fundamentals of Marketing
MARKETING 412 Marketing Research
MARKETING 425 Sales and Distribution Strategy
MARKETING 455 Internet Marketing
MARKETING 491F Topics in Social Media
MARKETING 491SM Marketing Sustainable Business
MARKETING 492B Branding Yourself
MARKETING 497C Social Media and Marketing Analysis
MATH 011 Elementary Algebra
MATH 102 Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry
MATH 104 Algebra, Alalytic Geometry and Trigonometry
MATH 127 Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences I
MATH 128 Calculus for the Life and Social Sciences II
MATH 132 Calculus II
MATH 233 Multivariate Calculus
MUSIC 100 Appreciation- Intro
MUSIC 110 Fundamentals of Theory
MUSIC 190M Culture, Society, and the Broadway Musical
NATSCI 590A Organisms: Diversity and Interactions
NATSCI 590B Intro to Interdisciplinary Science
NATSCI 690B Genetics in the Science Classroom
NATSCI 690D Chemistry by Example
NUTRITN 130 Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyle
NUTRITN 140 Nutrition, Weight and Fitness
NUTRITN 352 Nutrition in the Life Cycle
NUTRITN 503 Nutrition and Health in the Science Classroom
NUTRITN 572 Community Nutrition
NUTRITN 577 Nutrition Problems in US
NUTRITN 578 Nutrition Problems in the Developing World
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 105 Practical Reasoning
PHIL 110 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 160 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 164 Medical Ethics
PHIL 336 Existential Philosophy
POLISCI 111 Comparative Politics
POLISCI 121 World Politics
POLISCI 171 Intro to Political Theory
POLISCI 181 Controversies in Public Policy
POLISCI 201 American Politics through Film
POLISC 203 American Political Thought
POLISCI 208 Political Parties and Elections
POLISCI 250 Citizenship: Nuclear Age
POLISCI 252 Globalization, Governance and World Order
POLISCI 255 American Foreign Policy
POLISCI 280 Public Policy
POLISCI 297TV Law in Film and TV
POLISCI 310 Race and American Politics
POLISCI 328 Research Methods for Political and Social Sciences
POLISCI 333 Gov & Pol Mid-East
POLISCI 338 Nationalism, Ethnicity and Identity in Politics
POLISCI 340 Latin American Politics
POLISCI 354 International Relations
POLISCI 359 International Political Economy
POLISCI 377 Interpretation and Analysis in Political Science
POLISCI 388 Corporate Lobbying and Global Economy
POLISCI 391PS Peace and Security from Preventative Diplomacy to Humanitarian Interventions
POLISCI 391WM Women, Media and Politics
POLISCI 392BG Business and Government
POLISCI 394II International Environmental Politics and Policy
POLISCI 394Z Russian Foreign Policy
POLISCI 397AC At the Crossroads: The Caucasus B/T the East and West
POLISCI 397DN Diplomacy and International Negotiations
POLISCI 399J Interpretation and Analysis in Foreign Policy
PSYCH 100 Introductory Psychology
PSYCH 240 Statistics in Psychology
PSYCH 297D Disorders in Children
PSYCH 297E Family Psychology
PSYCH 297F Forensic Psychology
PSYCH 315 Cognitive Psych
PSYCH 330 Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYCH 350 Developmental Psychology
PSYCH 360 Social Psychology
PSYCH 370 Personality
PSYCH 380 Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 383 Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy
PSYCH 391DA Diversity Among Contemporary American Families
PSYCH 391ED Emotion. Dysregulation across Psychopathology
PSYCH 391FC Intersections of Race, Class and Gender in the Family Context
PSYCH 391LM Language and the Mind
PSYCH 391S Psych Prejudice Stereotyping
PSYCH 391SP Speakeasy: Learning Language in an Age of Media & Technology
PSYCH 397D Autism Spectrum Disorder
PSYCH 405 Human Stress & Emotion
PSYCH 480 Intellectual Disability: Concepts and Controversies
PSYCH 491D Impact of Disabilities on Families
PSYCH 494RI Interdisciplinary Directions in Psychology
PUBHLTH 129 Health Care For All
PUBHLTH 160 My Body, My Health
PUBHLTH 201 Physical Activity and Health
PUBHLTH 290B Intro to Public Health
PUBHLTH 302 Comm Development & Health Education
PUBHLTH 324 Epidemiology in Public Health
PUBHLTH 328 Fundamentals of Women's Health
PUBHLTH 370 Public Health Through the Ages
PUBHLTH 380 Intro to Health Services Management
PUBHLTH 389 Health Inequities
PUBHLTH 390CT Intro to Health Services Management
PUBHLTH 390E Understandng Health Disparities
PUBHLTH 390G Holistic Health and Healing
PUBHLTH 390K MCH in the Developing World
PUBHLTH 390W Fundamentals of Women's Health
PUBHLTH 397C Health Careers
PUBHLTH 608 Communication Theory
PUBHLTH 633 Comm Disease Epidemiology
PUBHLTH 690L Leadership Issues in Public Health Systems
PUBHLTH 690PP Patient Protection & the Affordable Care Act
PUBHLTH 691F Data Management and Statistical Comparison
BIOSTATS 540 Introduction to Biostatistics
BIOSTATS 640 Intermediate Biostatistics
EHS 565 Environmental Health Practices
EHS 567 Environmental Compliance Regulations
EHS 666 Environmental & Occupational Toxicology
EPI 630 Principles of Epidemiology
EPI 632 Applied Epidemiology
EPI 634 Nutritional Epidemiology
HPP 524 Introduction to Health Politics & Policy
HPP 525 Ethical Issues In Pubhealth
HPP 580 Comparative Healthcare Systems
HPP 583 Global Health in the Developing World
HPP 590D International Organizations & Population Health
HPP 590E Emerging Diseases
HPP 590Q Globalization and Health
HPP 601 Application of Social Behavioral Theories in Public Health Interventions
HPP 614 International Health Population and Development
HPP 620 Introduction to the US Health Care System
HPP 621 Health Care Organizations & Administration
HPP 622 Program Eval in Health and Human Svs Organization
HPP 628 Financial Management/Health Institutns
HPP 632 Social Justice & Public Health
HPP 690AA Population, Aging, & Public Health
HPP 690C Public Health and Childhood Obesity
HPP 690D Public Health and Diabetes
HPP 690E Evidence-Based Policy: An Evaluative Scientist's Tool Box
HPP 690S Substance Abuse & Public Health
PUB&ADM 497MP Managing Public Sector Projects
REGIONPL 591LC Climate Adaptation in Urban Areas
RES-ECON 212 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences
RES-ECON 213 Intermediate Stats/Business and Economics
RES-ECON 262 Environmental Economics
SOCIOL 103 Social Problems
SOCIOL 106 Race ,Gender, Class & Ethnicity
SOCIOL 110 Introduction to Sociology
SOCIOL 212 Elememtary Statistics
SOCIOL 213 Data Collect & Analysis
SOCIOL 222 The Family
SOCIOL 224 Social Class and Inequality
SOCIOL 241 Criminology
SOCIOL 242 Drugs & Society
SOCIOL 287 Sexuality & Society
SOCIOL 297W Intro to Social Welfare
SOCIOL 302 Intro to Social Welfare
SOCIOL 322 Foundations of Sociological Theory
SOCIOL 323 Sociology Of Law
SOCIOL 328 Introduction to Social Work
SOCIOL 353 Sociology of Medicine
SOCIOL 364 Sociology of Mental Health
SOCIOL 387 Sexuality & Society
SOCIOL 391D Conformity and Deviance
SOCIOL 391M Serial & Mass Murder
SOCIOL 392J Race and Policing
SOCIOL 394F Crime and Forensics
SOCIOL 394S White-Collar Crime
SOCIOL 395AP American Police
SOCIOL 395K Domestic Violence
SOCIOL 397CL Criminal Legal System
SOCIOL 397D Delinquency & Juvenile Justice
SPANISH 110 Elem Span I-Gen Purpose
SPANISH 120 Elem Span II-Gen Purpose
SPANISH 230 Intermediate Spanish I
SPANISH 240 Intermediate Spanish II-Gen Purpose
SPANISH 465 Business Spanish
STATISTC 240 Intro To Statistics
STOCKSCH 100 Botany for Gardeners
STOCKSCH 105 Soils W/Lab
STOCKSCH 106 Soil Science and Management
STOCKSCH 108 Intro Botany
STOCKSCH 117 Agricultural Chemistry
STOCKSCH 119 Designing a Backyard Homestead
STOCKSCH 120 Organic Farming and Gardening
STOCKSCH 166 Practical Beekeeping
STOCKSCH 172 Plants in our World
STOCKSCH 186 Introduction to Permaculture
STOCKSCH 190D Raising Dairy Goats Sustainably
STOCKSCH 197G Intro to Permaculture
STOCKSCH 211 Pasture Management
STOCKSCH 258 Urban Agriculture
STOCKSCH 265 Sustainable Agriculture
STOCKSCH 266 Managing the Small Farm Enterprise
STOCKSCH 288 Land Use Policies & Sustainable Farmng
STOCKSCH 290F Holistic Fruit Production
STOCKSCH 290M Integrated Pest Management
STOCKSCH 297FP Farm Planning, Marketing and Management
STOCKSCH 297PA Pastured Poultry
STOCKSCH 297R Raising Dairy Goats Sustainably
STOCKSCH 320 Organic Vegetable Production
STOCKSCH 322 Post Harvesting of Fruits and Vegetables from Farm to Folk
STOCKSCH 355 Community Food Systems
STOCKSCH 386 Sustainable Site Design & Planning
STOCKSCH 387 Global Food Systems
STOCKSCH 397ES Exploring Success with Sustainability:Creating Community Based Enterprises
STOCKSCH 397FJ Social Permaculture for Food Justice
STOCKSCH 397NP Non-Profit Management of Community Food Systems
STOCKSCH 497D Sustainable Site Design
STPEC 190A Introduction to Radical Social Theory
SUSTCOMM 205 Dynamics of Human Habitation
SUSTCOMM 297G Climate Change and Resilient Cities
THEATER 130 Contemporary Playwrights of Color
UWW 191G Frameworks of Understanding
UWW 222 Introduction to Body & Brain
UWW 310 Experiential Reflections of Technological World
UWW 320 Experiential Reflections of Leadership
UWW 330 Experiential Reflections of Public Policy
UWW 340 Experiential Reflections of Organizations
UWW 350 Experiential Reflections of Health
UWW 360 Experiential Reflections of Learning and Education
UWW 370 Writing About Experience
UWW 391C Introduction to Counseling
UWW 394A Concepts in Learning Integration
UWW 397CM Child Maltreatment- Multidisciplinary Perspectives
UWW 397D Disabilities & Public Policy
UWW 397M Behavior Management in Children
UWW 397NP Non-Profit Management
UWW 397S Perspectives on Social Justice and Advocacy
UWW 397V Documenting Experiential Learning: Theory & Practice of Digital Narrative Production
UWW 397V Digital Presentations for Teaching & Training
WOMENSST 187 Gender, Sexuality and Culture
WOMENSST 205 Feminist Health Politics