UWW welcomes former NBA player Lou Roe

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

UMass Amherst UWW is proud to add an esteemed athlete to the list of outstanding students starting this fall. Former student-athlete Lou Roe left UMass in the 1990s to begin his professional career. Throughout a seventeen-year career span, Roe played for eighteen teams in six different countries, according to an article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette. He returns to Amherst this fall as the administrative assistant to the UMass men’s basketball team, and he will simultaneously complete his UMass Amherst bachelor’s degree through UWW.

“I’m excited about that,” Roe told the Daily Hampshire Gazette. “I made a promise to my parents and myself before I graduated high school to get my degree. I want to be able to fulfill my promise and be able to look in my children’s eyes and tell them I graduated from a prestigious university.”

UMass’ men’s basketball coach and Roe’s former teammate, Derek Kellogg, supports his new coworker’s decision to continue his education. “It’s important for them [the players] to get their degrees. They need it to be college coaches or to further their professional lives.”

Roe acknowledges his new administrative position as a stepping stone that will hopefully create new opportunities for him in the future once he’s completed his degree. “Derek is going to get a guy that’s committed to the cause to working for the university.  I’m going to come in and show that I’m worthy of the position I was granted and I’m going to do nothing but work hard.”