UWW student & faculty featured in Boston Globe

Sunday, October 7, 2012

An October 7 Boston Globe story on online education cites both UWW faculty member Karen Stevens, EdD and UWW student Joe Garland who is finishing his bachelor's degree with a focus in American Political Advocacy and has been accepted into the Masters of Public Policy program at UMass Amherst.

In the article, Joe talks about how his courses involve a lot of reading and writing and a lot more screen time than he expected. His advise to those just starting off with online education? Start small. “Take a bite that you know you can chew, even if that means taking just one course to start. Get a successful semester under your belt.” 

Karen Stevens talked about how online courses 
demand more accountability from students in terms of how they contribute to class. “You can’t hide online because the instructor will know exactly how often, and how much, you are contributing,” said Karen Stevens, senior lecturer and chief undergraduate adviser for UMass’s University Without Walls.

Is online education right for you?  Here are some question to consider before choosing online courses. 

*Graphic from the Boston Globe