Introducing work-study student Tiffany Hua

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

UWW is so pleased to welcome UMass Amherst freshman Tiffany Hua as our new work-study student. A mechanical engineering major, Tiffany graduated at the top of her class from high school while also working at Target in Guest Services and volunteering at the Franklin Park Zoo. Tiffany is bilingual in English and Vietnamese and is the first person in her family to attend college. And...she rides a skateboard which is awesome.  

How has your experience with college been so far?
My experience at UMass has been great! It's everything I expected college life to be. I do appreciate the freedom but at the same time it has definitely taught me a lesson on how to manage time between academics and friends.

What made you decide to study Mechanical Engineering?
Originally I always wanted to be an artist, to create masterpieces that I can admire as well as others. Growing up however, I realized that I could do so much more. If I were to be an engineer, I could draw, design, build, and create masterpieces that is beneficial to others. I also love a good problem-solving and to study engineering I would get plenty of.

Are you planning to get involved in any other activities on campus?
As of right now I have no idea what other activities are present on campus. I would love to join intramural volleyball and tennis however.

What made you interested in applying for this position with UWW?
As I researched about the program, UWW felt like a feel good type of job. I'd be helping people through struggles and helping them reach a goal and knowing that I'd have a chance to contribute interested me.

What were some of your previous work experiences like?
I started working when I was 16 at Target for more than two years and there I started out as a cashier ringing out guests. After a year I worked out on the sales floor tidying up the shelfs and putting away items while helping out guests. A few months after I was put in human resources and there I answered phone calls from guests and helped out fellow team members with paperwork as well as benefits and pay.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that most people may not know.

  • Strict eco-friendly person.
  • I am the first to attend college in my family.
  • Honor Student, top 5% in High School.
  • My childhood dream was to be an artist.
  • Lived all of my life in Boston and the outskirts of Boston and plans to stay there.
  • Animal Lover, loves Husky Dogs -future family dog.