faculty/staff news

Thursday, June 27, 2013

David Bartone (faculty)
My manuscript of poetry, Practice on Mountains, was selected as the 2013 Sawtooth Poetry Prize Winner. It will be published by Ahsahta Press, out of Boise State University, in 2014. 

Ingrid Bracey (director)
Ingrid is expecting her first grandchild!

Liz Brinkerhoff (faculty)
Liz is traveling to Ireland this summer! She'll also be working on her garden and enjoying the wildlife that migrate through her yard- including a big bear that eats her bird seed and uses her pine tree as a back scratching post. 

Richard Caiander (staff)
I’m sending time in Maine this summer with my wife and doggy, hanging out in a cottage and relaxing.

Jacqueline Castledine (faculty)
I was nominated for a distinguished teaching award and gave a number of invited talks to promote my book Cold War Progressives: Women's Interracial Organizing for Peace and Freedom (2012).  I gave the talk "A Brief History of South African Arts" at St. Francis College in Brooklyn and "From Local Action to Global Justice" as the guest speaker for International Women's Day at Greenfield Community College. I was also a a member of the panel A Discussion of Unruly Women at the Five College Women's Studies Research Center. To celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary my husband Bobby and I are renting a Harley and riding the Pacific Coast Highway this summer.

Melanie DeSilva (staff)
My family just moved into our new house in Amherst which has a pool (OMG!) So, the kids are happy. My husband and I celebrated the Summer Solstice at a Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper concert. The crowd was this amazing mix of people from their teens into their 70's. We look forward to spending time at beaches in Delaware and Rhode Island this summer, bringing home lots of smelly dead things that the kids collect. We're also attending a live broadcast of NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell me in August which we're so excited about it's silly. 

Jill Dubnansky (staff)
I’m spending most of my summer at UWW and house/dogsitting.  Otherwise, I’m at home enjoying my new air conditioning unit. I’ll also be heading to NJ for a few days to visit family and get my beach fix. And I saw my first woodchuck.  Now I can add that to the list of new animals I’ve seen since living in MA.

Lisa Fontes (faculty)
I did four training for the Children's Justice Conference in Seattle in May--two on working with Somali refugees, one on Interviewing Children when there is a Suspicion of Child Abuse, and one on Cultural Issues in Psychotherapy for Treatment of Child Abuse. I was interviewed in the Chilean women’s magazine Paula about the state of interviewing for child sexual abuse in Chile.

Mariah Lebron (staff)
It’s been a busy couple of months for Mariah. Our temporary receptionist, she graduated from college, celebrated her 22nd birthday and got three tattoos. She’s going to DisneyWorld to celebrate her sister’s 6th birthday and is saving her money to move to California for a career in fashion design.

Lisa Modenos (faculty)
Lisa getting ready for her first baby. We all can’t wait to meet the new member of the UWW team!

Ali Pirello (work-study)
Our summer work-study student, Ali spent the beginning of the summer road-tripping it from New Orleans to Amherst and is now enjoying her first summer in Western Massachusetts. Her goal this summer is to start a blog so that it will be fully up and running when she goes to South East Asia to teach English after graduation.

Shekhar Regmi (faculty)
Shekhar is going to Nepal this summer for three weeks to visit his family. He’s settling into his new position as UWW’s Chief Undergraduate Advisor and working on his research. 

Donna Schneider (staff)
Donna recently sold her house and moved, getting rid of a lot of junk in the process! She is looking forward to spending the summer with her family and playing with her granddaughter. 

Karen Stevens (faculty)
After 4 years I have stepped away from my role as Chief Undergraduate Advisor and passed the torch to Shekhar Regmi. I will be teaching and advising full time instead. I am on the University's General Education Variance Committee as well as the General Education Council and part of the team reviewing the Integrative Experience general education requirement. My article "Transformative Learning through Prior Learning Assessment," published in 2010 with Rick Hendra and Dan Gerber, has been cited 16 times in national and international peer-reviewed journals. Personally, I just finished reading The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout. I'm looking forward to going hiking with my husband Carl, former UWW student, in the White Mountains in early August.

Cindy Suopis (faculty)
I was appointed to the City of Northampton, Massachusetts Board of Health and completed the Baystate Health Systems Mini-Medical School program. I just finished a MOOC on Health Care Policy and I am currently enrolled in MOOCS on Social Epidemiology and Health Informatics. I teach Health Communication in the Department of Communication at UMassAmherst and I am developing a Health Literacy course. I am hoping to attend the Beyonce “Mrs. Carter” tour this summer. I finally found a way to cook and eat salmon with pleasure and enjoyment after resisting it all my life. The secret is parchment paper and wild salmon.